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Call Management the Easy Way

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CMS Lite is the new, cost effective telephone system solution for broadcasters – serving from a single studio up to multiple studio installations. Studer's Call Management System (CMS) is designed for broadcasters and benefits from Studer's long-standing experience in high-quality broadcast products.

CMS Lite uses state-of-the-art technology and allows the installation of a flexible and scalable phone system. CMS Lite profits from renowned and powerful technology, already proven in various large broadcast environments with up to or even more than 100 users. 

CMS Lite – Your Benefits

• Less training effort
• Less cabling
• Less installation labour
• Reduced cost and maintenance
• Less expensive telephone equipment required thanks to efficient VOIP technology
• High return on investment

CMS Lite – Standard Hardware

Neither dedicated hardware nor DSP (digital signal processing) is required, but only standard IT components are used. The high audio quality is ensured by the proven software. CMS Lite also supports the customer in moving away from old-fashioned, proprietary telephone hybrids towards a modern and costeffective telephone system. 

CMS Lite – At your Fingertips 

Thanks to the well-aranged and tidy colour touch-screen user interface, operation is smooth and intuitive. It can be used either by the DJ/moderator himself in selfop mode, or he can be supported by a switchboard operator or producer (also referred to as 'screener') who remains in the background. 

Both screener and studio clients are specifically designed for their respective application, allowing the DJ focusing on his show whilst being able to interact with the screener, and thus being well prepared for his interview situation. 

An external caller first gets into a waiting room (shown in the screenshot above at the right). The caller's number is automatically displayed; his name may be saved in the data base, together with some additional information. If a particular person should call again, this information will be immediately displayed. 

After a first, introductory talk the screener can drag-and-drop the caller to the studio where he immediately appears in the fader area (the left part of the screenshot). The DJ can talk to the caller, then, and take him on air easily at a single touch. 

Outside calls can also be made by using either the on-screen keypad or the short-cut buttons for the telephone directory integrated in the database. 

CMS – Seamless Integration

CMS Lite – as its bigger brother CMS – can be integrated with the well-known Studer OnAir mixing consoles. A direct console interface ensures that telephone calls will blend in organically into the workflow. The caller's name is automatically displayed in the fader strip's display, and console functions such as talback, PFL, or the fader with its ON key may be used for broadcasting a call situation. 

CMS – Admin? As Easy as Pie!

The system comes with an installation wizard that helps with system setup in a convenient way. In addition, an administration tool enables the administrator to configure the networked clients even remotely from his main working desk (two typical CMS Lite configuration pages shown at the right). 

CMS – Grows with Your Needs

Starting with a single-studio installation, CMS Lite may be extended later into an enterprisewide server/client based system. If more operators are required to act in the background, more clients can be installed. If higher quality is desired, an optional codec can be added. 

CMS Lite – What You'll Get

CMS Lite comes as a complete package. The telephone system engine provides all the necessary call control and audio processing. It also supports VOIP, but in this case requires an installed and accessible VOIP telephone gateway. 

CMS Lite – Basic

• Supports six telephone lines and up to eight audio lines (faders, audio devices, headphones etc.)
• Includes one studio client for live operation.
• Includes two producer clients for background assistance (screeners).

CMS Lite – Extended

• Supports 12 phone lines and up to 16 audio lines (faders, audio devices, headphones, etc.)
• Includes two studio clients for live operation.
• Includes four producer clients for background assistance (screeners).

Please note that the telephone system itself as well as installation and configuration are not included and must be provided.




CMS Lite

Call Management the Easy Way