OnAir 5000 (discontinued)

On-Air Mixing Console, suitable for digital systems

Onair 5000 1000 large

The picture shows just one example of a possible layout of the Studer OnAir 5000.

The Studer OnAir 5000 aims at radio stations who have to deal with very complex situations where only the most sophisticated equipment can do the job. The user interface of the Studer OnAir 5000 hides perfectly the power inside the racks: One or more banks of faders (up to 32 faders), a monitor section and the central control - not more than three panels which can be placed in the working environment as the customer wants it to have.

Due to its modularity the Studer OnAir 5000 is built to customers specifications. Every user can have several set-ups stored on his personal card and can call up the preferred working environment immediately. The integrated DSP routing system is highly flexible and can be enlarged by an external Studer Route 5000 routing system.

Simple and ergonomic operation of any complex radio-system with the benefit and comfort of a purely digital audio path.




OnAir 5000 (discontinued)

On-Air Mixing Console, suitable for digital systems