Vista 6 (discontinued)

Digital mixing system designed for live production applications

Vista6 angle 1000 large

Based on the revolutionary Vistonics user interface, the Studer Vista 6 digital mixing system is designed specifically for live on-air use. In high pressure live situations sound engineers depend on a mixing console which allows a fluent working process. Unmatched visual feedback combined with fast operation means that the Vista 6 console fits the requirements of any live broadcasting environment. The mixer’s flexibility, reliability and sound quality are based on Studer’s well proven digital technology.

Powerful N-1 functionality, configurable monitoring, signalisation and sophisticated talkback functionality are all included in the Vista 6 package. A fully integrated and extensive routing matrix eliminates the need for an external patch bay or front-end router; and of course all recallable at the push of a button.

The design and implementation of the Studer Vista 6 provides a high level of reliability and remarkable resilience in operation. The redundancy concept includes all parts of the Vista 6 system, including the DSP. The DSP core can be equipped with a redundant DSP card that takes over the audio signals in the case a DSP card fails without interruption of audio or operation. Redundant power supplies are also available throughout all parts of the system.

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Vista 6 (discontinued)

Digital mixing system designed for live production applications