April 14

April 14, 2016

HARMAN Professional Solutions Joins Industry Leaders for Pre-NAB 2016 Events

In its continuing partnerships with Sports Video Group and Media Network Alliance, HARMAN joins the discussion on evolving broadcast industry

LAS VEGAS—HARMAN Professional Solutions is pleased to join the discussion on innovation and support for new platforms and protocols in the broadcast industry. As part of its commitment to further broadcast technologies, HARMAN is a proud partner of professional organizations like Sports Video Group (SVG) and Media Network Alliance.

HARMAN is sponsoring two events prior to the NAB Show 2016. Studer by HARMAN and JBL by HARMAN are supporting DTV Audio Group on Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 1–6 p.m. at the Alexis Park Hotel, 375 East Harmon Avenue in Las Vegas. Part of HARMAN’s platinum sponsorship of SVG, the event is free and open to all members of the digital television audio community. This year’s seminar will look at the accelerative effect of streamed content delivery on evolving audio production and distribution workflows. Attendees will also have a chance to experience Atmos mixing for premium television. Registration is now open.

In addition, HARMAN will take part in the Media Network Alliance quarterly meeting as a supporting member. It will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 2–6 p.m. in Room N208. The Media Networking Alliance will also be exhibiting for the first time at the NAB Show. Visit booth #N625 to view the AES67 interoperability demo and speak with the experts on the AES67 standard.

“Organizations like Sports Video Group and Media Network Alliance are important partners for us,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes, Solutions & Marketing, Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “Helping drive the conversation about broadcast technology is a key part of our mission. HARMAN Professional Solutions will continue to sponsor events like these in order to help our industry grow and adapt to ever-changing technology.”

April 13

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April 13, 2016

HARMAN Professional Solutions to Host In-Booth Seminar Series at NAB 2016

Experts from Studer and JBL to deliver valuable insights on production, content creation, IP migration, audio monitoring

LAS VEGAS—As the broadcast industry adapts to ever-changing technology, HARMAN Professional Solutions’ broadcast experts are able to provide complete, fully customizable systems for a variety of applications, including TV, radio and live production. At the NAB Show 2016, HARMAN will present informative sessions about the most recent trends in broadcast and the current benefits of HARMAN broadcast solutions within the shifting production environment. Seminars will take place every hour, on the hour in booth #C2923. In addition, the latest products from Studer, AKG and JBL will be on display.

“Our industry is facing enormous change in how content is being produced and how it’s being shared,” Katy Templeman-Holmes, Solutions & Marketing, Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions said. “HARMAN Professional Solutions is pleased to play a role in driving innovation and supporting new workflows, platforms, protocols and ideas. These seminars underscore what we seek to accomplish in the marketplace every day.”

Specialists in broadcast and recording will provide various seminars on the future of broadcast technologies and the state of the industry. Seminars include:

Studer & AoIP | What’s Next in I/O Connectivity

Speaker: Richard Morson, Solutions Manager, Broadcast

Studer has always placed a high priority on ensuring its consoles can interface with as many suitable standards in the industry as possible. This session highlights our connectivity workflow options within the changing IP environment.

Infinity Core & D23 | The Future of Audio Processing

Speaker: Roger Heiniger, Solutions Manager, Broadcast

This discussion looks at the capabilities of the Infinity Core processor and D23 I/O routing system in the production environment. From AoIP integration to facility expansion and remote sessions, we will provide an overview of how this system can streamline your workflow.

Remote Solutions | Connectivity & Control Workflows for Today’s Remote Production Facilities

Speaker: Paul Shorter, Manager, Technical Sales & Support

This session covers working in live remote productions and central control rooms, and how Studer Remote Solutions can ensure connectivity and maximize use of production time.

Next-Gen Audio Monitoring in Broadcast and Post | JBL’s Revolutionary 7 Series Studio Monitor System Meets Monitoring Challenges in the Modern Production Environment

Speaker: Peter Chaikin, Director, Retail Recording Solutions

Learn how JBL’s 7 Series studio monitors leverage the newest transducers and acoustic technologies, HARMAN DSP and Power Amplification to deliver detailed imaging and accuracy in a broad range of work spaces. The complete system is scalable to any size room and any number of channels, from 5.1 to immersive formats.

IP Migration: At What Cost? | A Discussion on Today’s IP Integration Challenges

Speaker: Karl Paulsen, Chief Technology Officer, Diversified

Tackling the oncoming paradigm shift from traditional SDI-video to video-over-IP is no easy task; guaranteed, It’s Going to Change Your Life. The challenges ahead for the entire technology sector of the Media and Entertainment industry are just beginning to surface. 

Determining how, when or if the move to video-over-IP is appropriate demands serious consideration. Get the whole story, learn about the myriad options available and meet the experts who can help you get there, from design through implementation, in this in-depth session.

For a complete schedule of seminar series times, please come see us in booth #C2923 or visit http://www.harmanpro.com/events/nab.

Additionally, Studer’s latest console, the Vista 1 Black Edition, will be showcased for the first time in North America. The Vista 1 Black Edition is an all-in-one compact, flexible mix system for live, broadcast and production. Offering an enriched feature set and retaining the ease of use of the groundbreaking Vista 1 digital mixing console, the Vista 1 Black Edition’s I/O can be expanded using the standard Studer D21m card slot on the rear.

The AKG K872 reference headphones are the latest flagship closed-back headphones and will be on display at NAB. These headphones—which made their debut at ProLight + Sound 2016—were designed for audio engineers and musicians who require the utmost accuracy and detail for critical recording, mixing, mastering and live sound engineering applications. Featuring custom components, including a specially engineered 53 mm transducer, ultra-light open-mesh headband, slow-retention foam ear pads and a convenient carrying case/stand, the K872 combines superior sound quality with exceptional comfort and portability. 

Also featured in the booth is the JBL 7 Series in 5.1 surround. The 7 Series studio monitors are the solution for next-generation multichannel monitoring. Both the LSR708i and the LSR705i in the booth are powered by a Crown DCi 8/300N series amplifier and controlled by a BSS Soundweb London signal processor that handles all the speaker tuning, EQ and bass management within the system. The 7 Series is available for demos throughout the show. 

In addition, the Studer Vista X will be on display in the booth. The Vista X features Studer’s Infinity Processing Engine DSP core, which uses CPU-based processors to provide control of 800 or more audio channels and 12 A-Link high-capacity fiber digital audio interfaces, providing more than 5,000 inputs and outputs.

An open house will also take place at the Soundcraft and Studer truck on April 18, 19 and 20 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. NAB attendees are encouraged to attend to see a larger portfolio offering from HARMAN Professional Solutions, including products from Studer, Soundcraft, JBL, BSS and Crown. Studer consoles include the Vista X, Vista V, Vista 1 and OnAir 1500. The truck will be located at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.   

April 13

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April 13, 2016

HARMAN Professional Solutions Partners with Industry Innovators to Showcase Broadcast Solutions

Studer and JBL products featured in Avid, Snell Advanced Media, Next VR and ENCO Systems booths at NAB Show 2016

LAS VEGAS—As a partner and collaborator, HARMAN Professional Solutions will expand its presence at NAB Show 2016 to include recording and broadcast systems in partners’ booths. In partnership with Avid, Snell Advanced Media, Next VR and ENCO Systems, HARMAN products will be on display in functional solutions for NAB attendees to experience. Visitors can also drop by the HARMAN Professional Solutions booth #C2923 to get a full schedule of seminars and see the latest products from Studer and AKG.

“As a leader in the broadcast and recording industries, HARMAN Professional Solutions is proud to have deep partnerships with other industry vanguards,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes, Solutions & Marketing, Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We are also thrilled to have Diversified Chief Technology Officer, Karl Paulsen, join us at NAB to lead an important seminar session on IP integration challenges.” 

Not only can HARMAN provide complete system solutions, but our products also fit seamlessly into existing systems. HARMAN Professional Solutions products will be featured in the following partner booths at NAB:

Booth #SU902
HARMAN Product: JBL 7 Series

Snell Advanced Media
Booth #SL1805
HARMAN Product: Studer OnAir 1500

Next VR
Booth #N8025
HARMAN Product: Studer Vista console

ENCO Systems

Booth #N2518

HARMAN Product: Studer OnAir 1500

Visit the Avid booth to experience the Audio Post Mixing pod, featuring the award-winning 32-channel Pro Tools, S6 integrated mixing console, Pro Tools | HDX system, full Dolby Atmos and JBL system with the JBL 708i and 705i speakers, demonstrating the latest in theatrical and TV mixing workflows.

Snell Advanced Media will be showing AES-67 signal interoperability with the Studer OnAir 1500 desk on its IP Infrastructure demonstration pod. AES-67 signals will be delivered from SAM routing and control infrastructure to the Studer desk as part of a live IP-based production demonstration.

The NextVR Virtual Reality demo truck will be incorporating the Studer Vista series console system to control audio source production content. With its patented technology, NextVR is the only company capable of transmitting live high-definition, three-dimensional virtual reality content over the Internet, delivering a completely immersive and life-like experience for the viewer.

ENCO is integrating a Studer OnAir 1500 with the DADtv demo in their booth. With the DADtv integrated audio solution providing full multi-channel recording and playback capabilities in broadcast productions, the Studer OnAir1500 and DADtv system can provide a complete system solution for your studio needs.

HARMAN Professional Solutions is also proud to have Diversified Chief Technology Officer, Karl Paulsen, as a presenter in its seminar series at NAB 2016. Paulsen will present a discussion on today’s IP integration challenges. His presentation, IP Migration: At What Cost?, will occur at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20 in booth #C2923. Learn more about our seminar series: http://www.harmanpro.com/events/nab.

March 25

March 25, 2016

Studer by HARMAN Looks to Future with New, State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in Pécs, Hungary

Investment positions Studer to deliver on innovative roadmap over next five years

 Pécs, Hungary—Studer by HARMAN today announced a significant investment in manufacturing and technology with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Pécs, Hungary. The custom-built plant was designed to consolidate production and streamline operations while providing the latest technologies to take Studer’s broadcast offerings to the next level.

 “We have big plans for Studer in the coming months and years, and our investment in the best manufacturing facility and technologies is just the beginning,” said David McKinney, Vice President, Hospitality CSU, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We see a major shift in the broadcast industry on the horizon, and in order to best serve our customers in the space, we wanted to take a proactive approach to meet our product development commitments and position ourselves for growth.”

 The Pécs plant has nearly 300 employees and 335,000 square feet of manufacturing and operational space. It is outfitted for PCBA production, machine work, equipment testing, mechanical assembly capabilities and special processes. The facility also produces Soundcraft mixers and Martin lighting products in addition to Studer consoles. Future plans for the site include the addition of a complete, hands-on demo center in June.

 HARMAN Professional Solutions’ new structure has allowed Studer to build a dedicated team of experts in the broadcast space, including resources in manufacturing processes, research and development, business development, sales, marketing, service and support. It has also opened a world of new opportunities for Studer to collaborate with the company’s portfolio of brands to develop innovative new solutions.

 “We are very excited about the direction we are headed, and we are well aligned to meet and exceed our goals,” said Katy Templeman-Holmes, Director, Solutions & Marketing, Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “Studer is steeped in history, and with the collective power of HARMAN behind us, we are looking forward to offering a variety of new products and technologies as we grow and evolve with the industry.”


March 16

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    Vista X

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Lakewood church email

March 16, 2016

America’s Largest Church Trusts Studer by HARMAN for Demanding Broadcasts and Services

Studer Vista X digital console delivers the right mix of fast control configurations and excellent sound reinforcement for Lakewood Church productions

HOUSTON—With the largest congregation in the United States, Lakewood Church requires exceptional power and flexibility for its live sound and broadcast productions, which led to the selection of a Studer by HARMAN Vista X digital console. Located in the former Compaq Center, the 16,000-seat Lakewood Church Central Campus hosts four English services, two Spanish services and a diverse range of other weekly events. It welcomes more than 43,000 attendees and produces a series of broadcasts that are seen by more than 10 million viewers in 100 countries every week. In order to meet the demands of this massive volume of broadcasts, the church’s sound engineers began looking for a solution that could be customized and meet their extensive requirements.

 “We started shopping for a new main mixing console a few years back and installed the Vista X about a year ago,” said Brad Duryea, Director of Audio Technologies, Lakewood Church. “Not surprisingly, we have a pretty hefty requirement for I/O count, channel bussing count, feature set and expandability. We looked at all the major brands and Studer clearly met our needs.”

 The Vista X console harnesses Quad Star technology to deliver a powerful, dependable and flexible broadcast audio mixing solution with a compact form factor. Studer's Vistonics™ user interface and FaderGlow™ technology create a uniquely intuitive and stress-free operator experience, while the Infinity Core provides unprecedented levels of CPU-based processing power, handling large productions with ease.

 “With the intensity at which we operate, we really need fast, smooth operation,” said Duryea. “One of the things Studer does better than anyone else is allow us to accomplish complex operations. It doesn’t matter what it is, everything about the Studer console is quick.”

 “The console has the I/O counts and channel counts that we need as well as several newer features that are really helpful,” said Duryea. “Dynamic EQ is very important, and we needed it to be integrated into the board. Studer is great to work with, and they made this happen. The new Follow Solo feature is excellent for fast monitor work as well. It’s all easy, powerful and sounds great.”

 Additionally, Lakewood Church has two broadcast rooms and two editing rooms. All consoles are connected via MADI over fiber. Live sound is routed from the arena to the editing suites for TV, web and/or satellite post production and broadcast without any lapses in sound quality throughout every step of the production.

 “When we installed the Studer console, we knew we’d hear a difference in our live sound, but we didn’t expect our broadcast folks to notice the jump in quality like they did,” said Duryea. “Even the musicians were amazed. We have a keyboard player who has a dedicated speaker for an organ, and he started to recognize a ‘noise’ from the rotating cabinet until we realized he was just hearing a whole new level of clarity.”

March 11

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    Vista 9

    Better audio mixing, from every point of view

March 11, 2016

Georgia Public Broadcasting Enhances Production Capabilities with Studer by HARMAN

One of the largest PBS stations in the nation upgrades to Studer Vista 9 consoles for higher-quality, streamlined TV productions

ATLANTA—Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) continued its longstanding investment in HARMAN Professional Solutions with the selection of two Studer Vista 9 consoles for its production audio control rooms. The Studer Vista 9 consoles ensure industry-leading sound quality and ease of use to help facilitate a range of media productions.

 The station was experiencing system instability and looked to Studer by HARMAN for a resolution. Its previous audio system was a hybrid of two different manufacturers, which according to Darvin Sparks, senior broadcast engineer at GPB, contributed to the system instability.

 “Our old system was frequently leading to downtime in productions,” said Sparks. “We wanted a stable, reliable audio system that would serve as a foundation for our productions and could grow with our future needs.”

 GPB also desired enhanced production capabilities in several areas, including improved total system I/O capabilities, a flexible internal routing architecture, both MADI and audio over internet protocol (AoIP) capabilities, and a minimum of 32 channel strips per console. When selecting new consoles, GPB looked for a vendor with a long history of providing advanced, reliable, well-supported systems.

 For Tom Spencer, primary audio operator at GPB, the new Studer consoles have been a valuable addition to the GPB studios. “The two Vista 9 consoles consistently meet the station’s wide range of production demands,” he said. “Internal routing is extremely flexible and intuitive, allowing for any last minute modifications that should arise during the course of a production.”

 The Vista 9 microphone preamps are incredibly quiet and the EQ has a musical quality. In addition, compression and limiting are both transparent in their operations. Spencer is also impressed with the functionality of Studer VistaMix automatic mixing, a software upgrade available to all Vista digital mixing consoles.

 “VistaMix is absolutely indispensable,” said Spencer. “The ease of post-VistaMix routing options are very helpful in meeting an array of studio monitoring demands.  Metering is easy to customize. The overall ergonomic design of the desk allows the operator to perform all necessary functions without compromising listening position or comfort. There has not been a production of any size that our Vista 9s could not handle.”

 GPB’s familiarity with HARMAN Professional Solutions made it an obvious choice when it came to selecting the audio consoles. The station exclusively uses JBL Professional studio monitors, in addition to AKG microphones, Crown amplifiers and Lexicon reverb units.

 “We wanted a vendor known for solid support and a company with longevity that we could trust,” said Sparks. “We have received superb support from our HARMAN Professional Solutions sales and support engineers—both before and after the sale.”

 Beginning as a five-station educational TV network in 1970, GPB is now a multiplatform media production facility with 18 radio stations and nine TV stations, serving approximately 98 percent of residents throughout Georgia and parts of Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee. It has five TV production studios, four radio production studios and numerous video and audio editing suites. The station’s two TV production control rooms are mirror images of each other, and both contain Studer Vista 9 consoles. 

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Apr 13, 2016
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Dec 11, 2014
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