July 31

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July 31, 2015

Studer Proves Big Solutions Can Be Found in Small Packages at TAB Convention & Trade Show

AUSTIN, Texas – HARMAN’s Studer will be showcasing a 22-fader version its class-leading Vista 1 digital console, as well as its compact-yet-powerful OnAir 1500 radio console, at the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) 62nd Annual Convention & Trade Show. The show will take place August 5-6 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel.

The TAB Convention & Trade Show is the largest state broadcast meeting in the United States, featuring two days of management, engineering and sales programs, plus a trade show with industry vendors from around the country.

Measuring just over 1 meter in width, the 22-fader Vista 1 is perfectly suited to small spaces such as those found in OB vans. For smaller vans where the audio console fits into the cab area, the Vista 1 provides a comprehensive solution requiring no additional racks, including integral I/O, DSP and surround sound management including up and down-mixing. The low weight advantages of the desk are immediately obvious.

The Vista 1 uses the same patented user interface as the rest of the Vista family, so existing Vista users will be immediately familiar with all the functionality of the Vistonics™ and FaderGlow™ user interfaces plus features such as true broadcast monitoring, talkback, red light control, GPIO, N-x (Mix Minus) busses, snapshot automation and DAW control.

The Studer OnAir 1500 is a 12-channel, 6-fader console (expandable to 12 faders) that is ideal for studios needing an additional professional-grade fader unit and additional I/O or a compact and cost-effective mixing console for a production room or on-air studio. Integrated USB playback and record functions make the OnAir 1500 a very compact yet complete production unit and mixer. With simple point-to-point connectivity it can easily be moved around as a backup or secondary unit.

July 28

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Studer teafm email

July 28, 2015

TEAFM Starts Off Right with HARMAN’s Studer OnAir 1500 Console

KUCHING, Malaysia – A subsidiary company of KTS Holdings Group TEAFM is a new radio station in Kuching, Malaysia, having first gone to air in mid-July in both English and Mandarin. With the goal of outfitting the new station with cutting-edge audio technology, regional distributor Mahajak Trio Electronic Sdn Bhd supplied a HARMAN Professional system featuring a Studer OnAir 1500 console, JBL studio monitors and AKG microphones and headphones.

According to Mahajak Trio Senior Manager, Sales and Project, Lee Chin Kah, the station was looking for a reliable, fully flexible and cost-effective solution. “TEAFM flew its team to Kuala Lumpur at the beginning of this year and we were pleased to give them a demonstration of the HARMAN system. They were impressed and are pleased with the Studer technology.”

The TEAFM radio station features one main studio and one backup studio, which use Studer OnAir 1500 12-fader console and a Nano SCore router at the MCR for the local insertion unit to be inserted to the different transmission path. In addition, Mahajak supplied JBL LSR4328P studio monitors, AKG 4500BC and D5 microphones, as well as AKG 141MKII for headphones.

Mr. Arif, Broadcast Engineer at TEAFM, said, “I’m very happy with the sound of the JBL LSR4328P studio monitors. The sound is very smooth and detailed over the entire range and their Room Mode Correction (RMC) makes a very noticeable difference in the tonality and detail in the bass. This is really a good studio speaker at the right price point and we made the right choice on this. Thanks to Mahajak Trio for recommending this speaker to us.”

In the MCR, the automation server system will drive the local insertion via the GPI connection to the Nano SCore. Mahajak configured four GPI connections for both studios’ audio feeds to different transmission paths for redundancy. In the event of a main studio failure, the automation will trigger the backup studio via the GPI and feed the audio to both transmission paths automatically.

The Studer OnAir 1500 console offers slim, ergonomic design, and is easy to configure while offering world-class sound quality, advanced built-in features and an affordable price point. The Nano SCore engine frame contains all the control and audio functions, with standard XLR sockets, making any additional breakout panel unnecessary. Future audio expansion is possible with the two separate card slots on the back of the Nano frame.”

“I’m really impressed with the Studer OnAir 1500—it is so simple to configure and it takes me less than 15 minutes to prepare the audio for airing. The console is really user-friendly and requires no advance programming. With a short training from Mr. Lee Chin Kah, I’m now very confident to handle this console with my other staff and thanks to Mahajak Trio for the excellent support.”

June 25

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Studer andytapley 1 email

June 25, 2015

BBC Studios and Post Production Upgrades with HARMAN Studer Vista X

ELSTREE, United Kingdom – The ever-increasing production challenges (and I/O requirements) of popular prime-time entertainment shows such as Strictly Come Dancing have led to a re-evaluation of the audio mixing architecture. As a result, BBC Studios and Post Production has replaced the HARMAN Studer Vista 8 at the George Lucas stages at Elstree with a new Vista X.

The new fully redundant setup offers sound supervisors a vast increase in I/O capacity (and processing). At the heart of the system is the new Infinity Core, with 12 high capacity/high speed A-Link audio interfaces that provide more than 5,000 inputs and outputs and more than 800 audio DSP channels. 

But this is only the beginning. The embedded VistaMix — the automated microphone mixing for unscripted shows — and the fact that A-Link is being adopted by other manufacturers and offers incredible possibilities for audio distribution, routing and expansion provide huge benefits.

For BBC Studios and Post Production’s Sound Supervisor, Andy Tapley, who is responsible for the sound infrastructure at the company’s studios, the commissioning of the new Studer Vista X extends the studios’ long relationship with the manufacturer, after specifying the first Vista 8 for TC1 at BBC Television Centre a decade ago. 

“I always look forward to introducing new technology,” he says. “We moved four Vista 8s to Elstree when we relocated from Television Centre in 2013 and at the same time revamped four of the stages, upgrading the desks to go further down the MADI route. But there comes a point where it becomes difficult to keep upgrading existing desks as production requirements change and grow.

“As a provider of premium studio space, we have a commitment to provide our clients with all the benefits of new technology.”

The new Vista X, which Tapley started mapping and populating in February this year in preparation for its debut on The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief, has provided BBC Studios and Post Production with an elegant solution. It is accompanied by four high-density D23m frames which break out the A-Link fibre connections to standard analogue, digital and video interfaces. “The fact that the new frames are backwards compatible with the D21 cards meant we could use all our existing I/O hardware”, he notes.

The advantages of the new Vista X are manifold, and comfortably meet the heavy demands placed on it by productions. 

“Our investment in the Studer Vista X desk has further strengthened our gallery offering and enables us to streamline the delivery of studio audio, ensuring the requirements of a complex audio set-up like The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief are met without compromise. We’re delivering a high track count within a short space of time for each dance, and we have the flexibility to rearrange a mix to meet any last minute changes.”

To exemplify, this production is running 160 mono and 60 stereo channels on Strictly Come Dancing in addition to surround stems. And, of course, VistaMix is a vital component, “This is a proven system,” notes Tapley, “and one we have been using for over two years — it works extremely well. When you don’t know who is going to speak, it auto mixes in an intelligent way and you don’t hear any transition. And with 15 couples on radio mics cascading so that 30 radio mics are live at the same time, with all the ambient noise, that’s no mean feat. It’s well thought out and easily integrates into the desk.”

Tapley also comments on Studer’s new design philosophy — particularly moving the DSP from SHARC to Intel CPUs. “In doing so, Studer has isolated a number of the Intel cores purely for audio processing. There’s considerably more power and expandability and it allows you to build the desk you want with the incorporated Config tool.”

As for redundancy, thanks to Studer’s Quad Star technology two completely independent DSP cores run in parallel to achieve ‘instant’ change over.

In practice, anyone who is used to working a Vista can operate this desk’’ believes Tapley. “Aside from the ergonomics the new meter bridge provides more information and a ‘history display’ shows the last 50 seconds of waveform audio for each fader!”

Finally there is FaderGlow, about which he says, “In the heat of a live show you cannot underestimate the importance of a colour reference on the desk to direct your hand to the right fader.”

Run in tandem with the studio’s existing Studer OnAir 3000 console, which serves as a grams desk, studio router and much more, they now have an even stronger set up to carry them into the future.

The original installation was jointly carried out by IPE, who were responsible for the technical fit-out, and Custom Consoles, who provided the furniture. 

June 04

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Studer sugarcreek email

June 04, 2015

Sugar Creek Baptist Church Sweetens its Sound with HARMAN Studer Vista V Digital Console

SUGAR LAND, Texas – With just under 10,000 members and two campuses with more on the way, Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, Texas is one of the largest houses of worship in the United States. Looking to upgrade its front-of-house audio console to accommodate the services in its main sanctuary, the church recently added a HARMAN Studer Vista V 42-fader digital mixing console. 

Sugar Creek Baptist Church recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and is more popular than ever, thanks in large part to its ability to provide different kinds of services for different tastes. Every Sunday, the church holds three services. “The first service is more traditional with a choir and orchestra, the second service is a more modern, blended service with a choir, and the third service is very modern and band-driven, with a huge lighting and audio system,” said Matt Rhodes, Director of Technical Production for Sugar Creek Baptist Church. “These services typically host anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people, and there are only 12 minutes between services, so they require very quick transitions.”

In addition to speed, Rhodes and his team had some very specific requirements. “We needed a very high I/O count and needed the ability to mix more than 120 channels at a time,” he said. “With those requirements, it really puts you into a higher class of console.” 

Rhodes has a close relationship with the world-famous Lakewood Church, located in nearby Houston. Rhodes, along with Sugar Creek’s FOH Engineer Frank Flores and Technical Producer AJ McGlynn, took a trip down the road to see Lakewood’s new Studer Vista X digital consoles. The Vista X is equipped with Studer’s Infinity Core CPU-based processing technology, offering unprecedented numbers of DSP channels for large-scale, high-resolution audio processing and mixing. 

“[Lakewood Church’s Head of Audio Production] Brad Duryea is a good friend, and his team had just received their Vista X consoles. We took a look at it and thought it was just incredible,” Rhodes said. “One of the top requirements of our new console was redundancy, and we saw that Studer offers complete redundancy.”

Sugar Creek purchased a Studer Vista V digital console, which is based on the same Infinity Core processing as the Vista X, but in a smaller chassis. Sugar Creek’s Vista V comes equipped with two 400-channel Infinity Core engines, along with three D23m I/O systems. “We have a mix of analog and AES I/O at FOH along with eight MADI cards and we just received our DANTE card, so we’re going to start integrating a lot of our playback on the DANTE network,” Rhodes added.  

According to Rhodes, the extensive features offered by the Vista V further separated it from other competitive consoles. “I think there’s a stigma here in the US that Studer consoles are expensive, but when you dig down into the features and the total cost of ownership, they really aren’t at all,” he noted. “I also have to say that our whole experience from a service standpoint has been better than I’ve ever experienced. The board is very different from any other console out there and the Studer team has been there to support us every step of the way. That adds a tremendous amount of value to our purchase.”

But it’s not just the technical staff that has noticed the improvements in audio quality. “People at the church who didn’t even know we changed consoles have commented on how great the system sounds,” Rhodes said. “When non-professionals are commenting on the audio quality, you know there is a huge difference.”

May 29

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Studer france24 email

May 29, 2015

France 24 Gets Round-the-Clock Workflow with Five HARMAN Studer Vista 5 Digital Consoles

ISSY LES MOULINEAUX, France – France 24, an international news and current affairs network for three independent televisions channels, recently upgraded its audio system with five HARMAN Studer Vista 5 digital mixing consoles. Located in Issy les Moulineaux outside of Paris, France 24 required a fully integrated, networked audio system that allows operators to easily share information throughout the system, enabling efficient and speedy workflow.

As a 24-hour news channel, France 24 needed equipment that would be able to operate around the clock. To accomplish this, French distributor Audiopole installed a total of five Studer Vista 5 digital consoles, with a console located in each of five different studios.

France 24 also has a 6-fader, 12-channel Studer OnAir 1500 console that is being used in a small television studio for basic interview functions. It features integrated USB playback add recording functionality, along with full channel processing that includes 4-band EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, gate and de-esser.

“This was a very complex installation, but at the same time, the system needed to be simple to operate and manage,” said Philippe Delépine, Sales Engineer, Audiopole. “With this in mind, we needed to provide the ability to connect different components so that they could work in unison to seamlessly form a single system.”

Each Studer console is connected via CAT5 to a SCore Live DSP engine and D21m integrated I/O system. Providing additional backup, each Vista 5 console is supported with a Studer Vista Compact Remote Bay, connected to an SCore Live engine via CAT5. “In order to secure each console as a redundant surface while still keeping all sources/destinations of the process rack, the Compact Remote Bays are valuable,” said Olivier Tournedouet of France 24. “They help us accomplish all this without losing any resources.”

All consoles and components are connected via Studer’s RELINK Resource Linking I/O Sharing System, which links together Studer consoles in various locations to allow audio source and control data sharing across a wide network. A Studer Route 6000 routing and signal processing system enables the console operators at France 24 to directly access all shared sources via each Vista 5 screen display.

“The Route 6000 and RELINK systems are a clever way to help us share all resources between the different devices, and all sources connected to the Route 6000 are available for all consoles,” Tournedouet said.

The system at France 24 also features four Studer Compact Stageboxes, offering cost-effective expansion of I/O connections, with each Stagebox only occupying 4U of rack space. Each Stagebox offers a configuration of 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs.

The Studer Vista 5 consoles, Compact Remote Bays, Route 6000 and RELINK routing tools comprise a highly sophisticated, yet easily manageable, audio broadcast system that provides world-class audio quality and around-the-clock reliability. “The Studer system has been working perfectly, 24 hours a day, for the several months since installation,” Tournedouet concluded.

May 12

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Studer bfbssmall email

May 12, 2015

BFBS Upgrades with Multiple HARMAN Studer OnAir 1500 Production Consoles

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, United Kingdom – With a mission to provide entertainment, information and welfare to Britain's Armed Forces around the world, the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) was looking for a more compact and fully-supported mixing platform for its global chain of smaller BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) radio stations. After a rigorous assessment process, SSVC selected HARMAN’s Studer OnAir 1500 hybrid broadcast and production console.

The first order for seven of these 12 channel/12-fader desks was confirmed by Quentin Howard, SSCV Director of Television & Technology, with consoles destined for the UK, followed by Germany and Gibraltar.

At the heart of the BFBS Radio operation are three core music and speech radio networks heard in over 23 countries worldwide via 70 FM transmitters, via satellite reception and internet streaming. These are supplemented by a network of local BFBS stations in eight overseas locations and a further ten community radio stations on UK military bases, where many of the OnAir 1500s are destined.  

SSVC’s headquarters at Chalfont Grove in Buckinghamshire is home to seven newly refurbished digital radio studios which run on a completely AoIP Livewire core, connecting through MPLS and Vsat contribution links to its other radio studios. The site also houses SSVC’s extensive television playout facilities delivering 12 channels of TV to British Forces overseas, a military film archive unit, the new Forces TV 24 hour live news and features channel, its digital cinemas business and national DAB radio station. Together, SSVC’s services provide a range of welfare services to British Forces and their families anywhere in the world.   

The Corporation’s TV and Radio services are multiplexed and uplinked from Chalfont to four DVB-S2 satellites covering 16 time zones, that are either received direct or rebroadcast through TV and radio distribution technology. 

According to Howard, a former commercial radio CTO and DAB executive, his goal for BFBS was to create a cutting edge broadcast infrastructure by moving to IP based production platforms. Having arrived at SSVC four years ago, Howard and his executive team won an MOD contract to deliver the armed forces radio and TV services. “The capex enabled us to refresh the studios as our radio facilities were way behind the curve.  We now have a leading global network of digital studios and can broadcast from anywhere to anywhere, responding to fast-changing military and civil situations by making use of the latest desk-top and field production tools.”

The IP route was his preferred option. “Up to now, we’ve relied on ISDN links and fixed X-21 circuits which are getting harder to support as ISDN is withdrawn.  AOIP was the obvious answer and by creating what is effectively a big AOIP cloud around the world, accessible at each location, we have the ultimate in flexibility and have achieved what we set out to do.”

Unhappy with manufacturing quality and support of an earlier IP mixing desk solution for their community stations, SSVC searched for alternatives and met Studer at the IBC Show in Amsterdam last September. Quentin Howard’s team, including broadcast engineers Jonathan Blacknell and Martin Bowd, and regional general manager Nick Beer, had already conducted their own research, and Howard’s senior project manager had been heavily involved in the Studer installations at the BBC’s New Broadcasting House in London and MediaCityUK, Salford studios.

“We liked the design of the Studer OnAir 1500 kit — it’s compact, offers a lot of functionality in a minimum footprint, is extremely flexible and durable and everything plugs in with a single RJ45.  Another pleasing aspect is the surprisingly competitively price, but also that Studer’s manufacturing and support centre is only half an hour away, and that’s a big comfort factor.”

SSVC was also seeking ultra-reliability and a quick delivery, both requirements which the manufacturer was able to deliver. “Studer is a well-known brand with a famous reputation for quality and durability.  The entire Studer range of on-air desks shares the same software and that’s an important feature which ensures all Studer customers, regardless of size, get the same feature upgrades and service.” 

Complete with Studer NANO SCore DSP the On Air 1500s provide flexible capacity for analogue and AES audio ins and outs, and a generous number of GPIOs. Another key factor was Studer’s compatibility with SSVC’s extensive Livewire AOIP core.   

The first six OnAir 1500 consoles have been deployed on military bases at two studios in Shorncliffe (Folkestone) for BFBS Gurkha Radio, two in Germany and two in Gibraltar. “We hope this will rise to 12-15 over the next year or so as we complete our worldwide studio refurbishment programme,” confirmed Howard.   

The desks are linked together in pairs for simple I/O sharing via Studer RELINK, and are easily switchable from studio to air without the need for a central switching matrix. 

In summary, Quentin Howard stated, “This is the first time SSVC has adopted Studer mixers and by introducing these new tools, and copying across a standard configuration we are ensuring that no-one has to relearn the desk.

“The Studer platform is proving popular with our presenters, who like its sleek profile and ergonomics.  As a former radio presenter myself, I know what a difference this can make to your show.   We liked the ability to store desk snapshots which makes recalling a configuration better suited to a voice tracking session very easy.   Also important in a desk is the option to lock down features like EQ or channel compression which can get in the way, especially in the hands of less experienced presenters.”

Photo Caption: Simon Roome, Studer (left) and Quentin Howard, SSVC (right).

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