January 13

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January 13, 2016

KCSN @California State University Northridge

When KCSN – a community service of California State University, Northridge – was approached by international shopping center developer, Westfield Corporation, to become a partner with them at their new The Village at Westfield Topanga complex in Woodland Hills, CA, they asked if KCSN could produce these "in-studio" sessions in an outdoor setting at the new center. Westfield management was interested in of KCSN's commitment to music and, in particular, the station’s frequent "in-studio" performances by both local and nationally recognized performers and wanted to capture that at the new Village shopping complex.

Westfield agreed to create studio space from which KCSN would broadcast 20 hours per week as well as an outdoor performance space. In early 2015, KCSN met with executives from both Westfield and HARMAN to discuss the logistics of equipping both the indoor studio and the outdoor performance space to enable KCSN's dual role at The Village: to produce both 'live-to-air' radio broadcasts of KCSN's regular programming and live performance to an audience of 100 - 200 in The Village.

As building moved forward, management decided to specify a Studer On Air 1500 with 6 fader extension as the primary audio mixing surface for the indoor radio studio. The OA 1500 is supported by a host of additional HARMAN products including DBX 376 mic pre / channels strips, AKG D5 microphones, JBL LSR705i speakers, Crown DCi4|300 amplifier and AKG K181 DJ headphones.

“We've found the On-Air 1500 console to be almost infinitely configurable, accommodating both analog and AES inputs and outputs and featuring a mind-numbing array of standard features, including dynamics processing, play / record to USB, multiple buses, etc,” said Mike Worrall, Chief Engineer, KCSN. “The outdoor space has been the scene of a dozen and counting live performances that have bee well received by both The Village shoppers and Westfield's management.”

The outdoor performance space also features a full solution of HARMAN products including: Soundcraft Si Impact consoles for both front-of-house and mix-to-DAW, JBL VRX series (tops and subs) for PA and SRX series monitors, AKG D5 and D40 mics, as well as mic booms, direct boxes, etc.

The radio studio construction was completed in mid September 2015 and has been used as KCSN's morning show studio since then, originating the Station's programming from 8 - 11 am, Monday - Friday. On weekends, KCSN is live from this studio from 10 AM - 3 PM.

November 09

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Dialogplus email

November 09, 2015

HARMAN Professional Solutions’ Studer Vista X Console Enables Delivery of Professional-Grade Broadcast Content to Multiple Zones at Raiffeisen Bank’s Dialogue Plus Show

BASEL, Switzerland – Audioconsulting AG recently deployed a Studer Vista X digital console from HARMAN Professional Solutions at Raiffeisen Bank’s Dialogue Plus event that brought together 10,000 Raiffeisen employees and board members in a 32,000-square-meter hall. The Studer Vista X enabled engineers to efficiently deliver clear audio in several different languages to multiple zones throughout the event space. Raiffeisen Bank was able to effectively communicate with a diverse group of attendees, making the large-scale corporate event a success.

Held at the Messe Basel in Switzerland, Raiffeisen Bank’s Dialogue Plus featured a total of 28 meeting zones, each hosting up to 400 attendees, where organizers held workshops on many different topics. Martin Reich of Audioconsulting AG planned a distributed audio network, using the Studer Vista X as the central routing and mixing system. For this, Reich deployed a comprehensive communications solution built on Riedel Communications’ MediorNet real-time media network, RockNet audio network and Artist digital matrix intercom system.

Reich took advantage of Studer’s VistaMix function, which enabled him to automatically create clean live mixes for each zone, resulting in significant manpower savings and broadcast-grade performance. In turn, Raiffeisen Bank was able to effectively communicate with its diverse group of attendees, making the large-scale corporate event a success.

While each zone at the event held its own workshops, occasional news broadcasts were fed to each zone’s discrete screens and PA systems. These broadcasts were produced live in a designated newsroom and featured speeches from the Raiffeisen management board as well as conversations with participants and guests. Each attendee used infrared earphones for translation of the broadcasts into his/her preferred language.

With 66 total microphones in use and 29 discrete zones to manage, the risk of background noise and microphone spill was considerable. A common problem in such scenarios is the audio engineer needing to manually adjust all the faders of the console in real time, leaving the microphones of talking participants open, while trying to close the microphones of silent participants to reduce spill and background noise. If the engineer does not react quickly enough, he or she can miss the audible fade-ins of people who begin speaking unexpectedly, while the changes in fader positions can lead to unwelcomed changes of the total ambience and noise level in the mix.

The Studer VistaMix technology is capable of mimicking the action of the engineer, but at a much greater speed. It increases gain for “talking” microphones and reduces gain for all others, keeping the amount of total gain constant, thus creating a clean live mix.

“The most impressive part was having 29 VistaMix processes working simultaneously—28 for the zones and another one for the newsroom,” Reich said. “This greatly simplified the daunting task of managing the audio in so many discrete areas, where the potential for distracting background noise was considerable.”

Fifty-six wireless microphones from the 28 zones and 10 microphones from the newsroom were the main sources feeding the Vista X digital console. As the zones were distributed throughout the hall, their microphone signals were fed through a Riedel MediorNet signal transport network to cover the long distances to the newsroom, where the Studer Vista X was located. RF microphone feeds were fed over a Dante™ network and were tunneled over IP trunks of the MediorNet system. In addition, 30 media servers fed the stages, newsroom and translation cabins. 

The PA and infrared system feeds from the Vista X also used a MediorNet signal transport system to reach the stages and were extracted with Riedel RockNet devices. All communications were done through Riedel ARTIST digital matrix intercoms, which were also interfacing with the Vista X.

The system featured redundant Studer Infinity Core processors with two Studer D23m frames, feeding MediorNet with redundant Studer A-Link streams, providing a capacity of 384 channels. All I/O signals were using the A-Link interface, with the exception of the RF microphones that were connected through two Dante cards.

Approximately 120 input channels were used with the Vista X, with 30 groups for the stages’ infrared feeds, 30 aux groups for the stages’ PA feeds, one master group for the newsroom program and eight aux groups for ear and monitor feeds.

HARMAN Professional Solutions is highly experienced at working with specialist providers like Audioconsulting AG to deliver the technologies that can realize their vision. With its new customer-centric organizational model, the division offers vertical market expertise and complete system solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

September 11

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Vista 1 be 32 email

September 11, 2015

Studer Combines Performance and Aesthetics with new Vista 1 Black Edition Digital Mixing Console

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Offering an enriched feature set and retaining the ease of use of the groundbreaking Vista 1 digital mixing console in a sleekly designed form factor, HARMAN’s Studer is introducing the Vista 1 Black Edition at IBC 2015.

Thanks to the patented Vistonics™ user interface with 40 on-screen rotary knobs, the Vista 1’s look and feel is identical to that of its larger sister models the Vista X and Vista V. Features such as true broadcast monitoring, talkback, red light control, GPIO, N-x (Mix Minus) busses, snapshot automation and DAW control make the Vista 1 an ideal choice for broadcast, live and production use.

For theatre productions, the Vista 1 comes with the complete toolset for sound designers. The enhanced theatre CUE list includes Character/Actor Library event handling, with MUTE and VCA events handling. CUEs can fire MIDI/MMC events as well as loading different Strip Setups and UAD Plug-In snapshots.

With software v5.3, the Vista 1 Black Edition user will also get the most powerful SpillZone and FollowSolo functionality, as well as a server-based event logger application, which is logging Vista system and user-events.

With an integral DSP engine of 96 channels, the Vista 1 can handle mono, stereo and 5.1 inputs with ease, and is provided with a standard configuration of 32 mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs and four pairs of AES inputs and outputs on rear panel connections which also can be customized.

I/O can be expanded using the standard Studer D21m card slot on the rear, to allow MADI, AES, AoIP (including AES67), ADAT, TDIF, CobraNet, Dolby E/Digital, SDI connections etc. MADI links can connect to any of the Studer Stagebox range for XLR connectivity as well as other formats.

The Vista 1 also features an integral jingle player, played from audio files on a USB jingle stick (such as station ID or background FX), and triggered by a series of eight dedicated keys in the master section.

The Studer Vista 1 Black Edition also features a redundant PSU for peace of mind, and RELINK integration with other Studer Vista and OnAir consoles means the Vista 1 can easily share signals across an entire console network.

August 26

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Studer vistax black email

August 26, 2015

All Mobile Video Adds 10th HARMAN Studer Vista Console to its Lineup with Vista X for New Remote Truck

NEW YORK, New York – All Mobile Video (AMV) has become an industry leader in providing end-to-end video and audio solutions for broadcast, entertainment, programming and events by adopting the latest technologies for its Manhattan and Los Angeles studios and nationwide fleet of mobile production trucks. In outfitting its new, yet-to-be-named remote truck, AMV’s previous positive experience with HARMAN’s Studer led them to Studer’s flagship Vista X large-scale mixing console for broadcast applications.

The new remote truck will be operational by the end of 2015 and will service the type of high-profile entertainment programs AMV excels in producing—their previous credits include the MTV Video Music Awards, the Tournament of Roses parade, the CMT Music Awards, the NCAA Final Four and a “who’s who” of corporate clients.

The Vista X features Studer’s latest Infinity Processing Engine DSP core, which uses CPU-based processors to provide control of 800 or more audio channels and 12 A-Link high-capacity fiber digital audio interfaces to provide more than 5,000 inputs and outputs. The Vista X’s many features include the company’s patented Vistonics™ color touchscreen interface, VistaMix™ automated mic mixing, Quad Star technology that uses four redundant processors to achieve aviation-standard levels of redundancy, Dante connectivity and much more.

Ian Vysick, Audio Development Specialist at AMV, said, “We’ve had a very close relationship with Studer for a long time and their consoles have always performed as promised. From a sonic standpoint, I have yet to find a better-sounding digital console. They’re responsive and easy to use, our operators love them and in fact the people using the consoles ask for them specifically.” On many occasions customers have found and hired AMV because they learned that the company uses Studer consoles.

“This console has everything,” Vysick stated. The Vista X is AMV’s 10th Studer console, and Vysick notes that the company’s mixing engineers are very comfortable with Studer’s onboard dynamics processing and EQ and the way the consoles operate in general, making the step up to the Vista X a logical move. He also points out that because of the expanded internal processing the amount of onboard gear needed gets smaller every time AMV buys a new console – a distinct advantage in the cramped confines of a mobile truck. Because the system has the two Lexicon PCM96 reverb and effects processors integrated into the console, we only need a few pieces of outboard gear to complete what we believe is a really nice package.”

The new truck will provide connectivity for projects of all size and scale. “There’s a ton of MADI in this truck – 11 MADI cards with redundant streams to the video router and to the outside world, connection to multiple ProTools systems, and also a MADI card going straight into the RTS intercom and more,” Vysick noted.

For Vysick, another major advantage of the Vista X is its Dante connectivity. “We’ve integrated Dante into the vehicle alongside the MADI system, so the vehicle is already ahead of the game and will be ready for all future developments.”

All of AMV’s remote trucks are outfitted with Studer Remote Stagebox units and the new vehicle will be equipped with three Remote Stageboxes, all of which will be linked to the Vista X console. “Fiber is now so reliable that the fears in using it have gone away,” Vysick pointed out. “Now we can have everything in house and it’s the cleanest signal possible to the vehicle.”

One of the Stageboxes is equipped with a Dante card. “An advantage of this is I’ll be able to work alongside other vendors in adopting Dante,” Vysick added. “I can talk to PA vendors and intercom vendors and let them know that now that I have a Dante stream inside the venue, they can take my Dante setup and use it as a further tool to integrate the vehicle into the overall system.”

“With the incorporation of Dante, this truck with the Studer Vista X is state-of-the-art and will be ahead the game for years to come,” Vysick concluded.

August 24

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Studer dcpa email

August 24, 2015

Denver Center for the Performing Arts Finds the One for The 12 in HARMAN’s Studer Vista 1 Digital Console

DENVER, Colorado – The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is truly unlike any other production company in the United States. The DCPA is the nation’s largest non-profit theater organization and was founded in 1972 by Broadway producer Donald Seawell who, now at 103 years old, can still be found in his office most days. The DCPA is home to six theaters, all located at the massive Denver Performing Arts Complex, with another theater across the street at the Newman Centre for Theatre Education. Looking to add a new digital console in anticipation of an original production called The 12, the DCPA recently purchased a 32-fader HARMAN Studer Vista 1 digital audio mixer.

The 12 is a rock musical that follows the 12 disciples as they wrestle with fear, uncertainty, anger and love in the days after their Teacher’s death. The 12 was held in the 770-seat Stage Theater, which put the Vista 1 to the test as the front of house console.

The Vista 1 is a compact, all-in-one digital console, with the control surface, I/O system, DSP and power supplies all contained within the board. It is equipped with Studer’s exclusive Vistonics™ user interface and Vista control surface, plus 32 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs and Multi Mode MADI. An additional Dual MADI card is available for remote stage boxes.

“The 12 required more sound support than is usually required for our productions, and was designed by Zach Williamson,” said John Pryor, Director of Sound for the Theatre Company division of the DCPA. “Zach has worked with Studer in the past and wanted to design the show on a Studer console, so he encouraged us to purchase the Vista 1. But we also listened to the advice of several other colleagues in the industry who recommended Studer and we purchased the Vista on the on strength of a product demo given to us by [Studer US Sales Director] Rob Lewis.”

The 12 was a resounding success and the Vista 1’s performance gave Pryor and his team the confidence to continue working with the console, with an eye on possibly adding more Studer equipment in the future.

“The opening went very well and we are entirely pleased with the Vista 1,” Pryor noted. “We are considering the purchase of two more Vista consoles over the next two years, replacing our legacy analog consoles in each of our primary theaters.”

For more information on the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, please visit www.denvercenter.org

July 31

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Vista122faderangle email

July 31, 2015

Studer Proves Big Solutions Can Be Found in Small Packages at TAB Convention & Trade Show

AUSTIN, Texas – HARMAN’s Studer will be showcasing a 22-fader version its class-leading Vista 1 digital console, as well as its compact-yet-powerful OnAir 1500 radio console, at the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) 62nd Annual Convention & Trade Show. The show will take place August 5-6 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel.

The TAB Convention & Trade Show is the largest state broadcast meeting in the United States, featuring two days of management, engineering and sales programs, plus a trade show with industry vendors from around the country.

Measuring just over 1 meter in width, the 22-fader Vista 1 is perfectly suited to small spaces such as those found in OB vans. For smaller vans where the audio console fits into the cab area, the Vista 1 provides a comprehensive solution requiring no additional racks, including integral I/O, DSP and surround sound management including up and down-mixing. The low weight advantages of the desk are immediately obvious.

The Vista 1 uses the same patented user interface as the rest of the Vista family, so existing Vista users will be immediately familiar with all the functionality of the Vistonics™ and FaderGlow™ user interfaces plus features such as true broadcast monitoring, talkback, red light control, GPIO, N-x (Mix Minus) busses, snapshot automation and DAW control.

The Studer OnAir 1500 is a 12-channel, 6-fader console (expandable to 12 faders) that is ideal for studios needing an additional professional-grade fader unit and additional I/O or a compact and cost-effective mixing console for a production room or on-air studio. Integrated USB playback and record functions make the OnAir 1500 a very compact yet complete production unit and mixer. With simple point-to-point connectivity it can easily be moved around as a backup or secondary unit.

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