OnAir 2000 M2 (discontinued)

Digital Mixing Console for Radio Broadcasting Applications

Onair2000m2 1000 large

The Studer OnAir 2000M2 is based on the same technology as the Studer OnAir 2000, the company's most successful digital mixer. Just like its predecessor the M2 was developed for production and live broadcasting in network and local radio stations.

The Studer OnAir 2000 M2 includes an integrated input configuration router. Each input module can be routed on any channel fader which gives the extensive flexibility required in radio broadcasting environments. The M2 can be equipped with 6, 12, 18 or 24 channel faders. The wide selection of input modules allows for customized solutions which fit in just about any environment. Various modules and interfaces make professional integration into a studio environment or a radio automation system an easy task.

Studers patented Touch-n-Action graphical user interface makes the Studer OnAir 2000 M2 unique in its class. The management of user access rights reduces the risk of human error during production and live transmission, and can be defined in accordance with the experience and skills of the operator.

The successful Studer OnAir 2000 M2 digital mixer was developed respecting the existing customer base. Studer OnAir 2000 users can upgrade their existing systems with the functionality of the M2, including the input configuration router.




OnAir 2000 M2 (discontinued)

Digital Mixing Console for Radio Broadcasting Applications