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For some, the name Studer carries with it a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. To others, the name suggests high technology and innovation. To most, the Studer name is synonymous with Swiss precision, providing solutions in Radio, Television, and Post Production - either in the form of dedicated products or complete custom-made systems.

For over 60 years, Studer‘s commitment to continuous investment in R&D has made it a world leader in both analog and digital audio technology. Spending a considerable amount of turnover on research has been justified by the award of over 20 technology patents, and, more importantly, it has given Studer the engineering and design skills to turn these technologies into innovative and unique products.

If you are looking for technical solutions, ergonomic solutions, speed-of-operation solutions and future-proof solutions, we can offer them. Because of our experience in assembling complete systems, we also know about the smaller items that make the products work together, in both the analog and digital domains.

Studer prides itself on maintaining close contact with its customers at all stages and for all technical needs, from initial consultancy, planning, installation and training, through to maintenance, repair, spare parts, upgrading and technical support. Being an engineering company, we also have the expertise to customize our products to meet specific customer needs. Customization is one of our strengths and an integral part of our business.

  • Studer Infinity Core
  • Studer OnAir 1500
  • Studer OnAir 2500
  • Studer OnAir 2500 Modulo
  • Studer OnAir 3000
  • Studer OnAir 3000 Modulo
  • Studer Vista 1
  • Studer Vista 5 M3
  • Studer Vista 5 SR
  • Studer Vista 9 M2 QS
  • Studer Vista Compact Remote
  • Studer Vista FX
  • Studer Vista V
  • Studer Vista X

  • Studer Compact Stagebox
  • Studer D21m I/O System
  • Studer D23m Digital I/O System
  • Studer RELINK
  • Studer Route 1000
  • Studer Route 6000

  • Studer Call Management System (CMS)
  • Studer CMS Lite
  • Studer D21 MasterSync
  • Studer D21 MultiFeed

• Studer and Revox Products

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