January 31

January 31, 2019

New Year’s Eve Times Square, New York

The Opportunity

Provide extraordinary audio from multiple live performance stages, filling the streets of NYC with sound, while broadcasting to over 1 billion viewers, in a range of weather conditions.

The Solution

Maryland Sound International selected JBL VerTec and VTX Line Arrays and CSX Loudspeakers, along with Crown Amplifiers and Studer Vista 5 Mixing Consoles to deliver a premium audio solution in this demanding scenario.

The New Year’s Eve Celebration and Ball Drop in Times Square is a tradition with a 100+ year history. Maryland Sound International has been at the control station for over 20 years providing a premium solution through cold wind, rain, snow, confetti and unbelievable crowds. They’re prepared to bring the ball down at midnight no matter what gets thrown at them.

The complex scale of this event isn’t out of the ordinary for this crew who has standout events like presidential inaugurations on their resume. What is unique with this event is while they are simultaneously weathering the elements and providing live reinforcement to multiple stages, they are also broadcasting to over 1 billion people. The latter dictates so much of the approach, even more than the on-site logistics, especially in such a busy, chaotic and tightly regulated space.

MSI selected a range of HARMAN Professional products to get the job done. JBL Professional VerTec and VTX Line Arrays and CSX Loudspeakers handle the bulk of the coverage and are deployed on the signature Maryland Sound towers, providing multiple fly points to get sound around city corners in an incredibly small footprint. Crown Amplifiers are networked throughout and live in the base of each tower, allowing configuration, monitoring and control remotely using JBL Performance Manager configuration software.

The signal chain itself is impressive. In short, it is an incredibly well deployed Dante audio network starting from the control tower, located between West 43rd and 44th streets, the network goes out overhead in two directions to the first set of towers, and then it continues onto each tower up to the 47th street end of the square and then loops back through the towers on the opposite side of the street. This helps to minimize the effect that a broken cable or loss of power could have on any one location.

The control tower handles all of the system monitoring, control and configuration, along with directing all of the audio traffic coming and going and providing key mixes to the PA system, broadcast trucks, and any other destination that needs feeding. The primary mix is handled by a Studer Vista 5 Mixing Console.

The sound in each zone is orchestrated meticulously. Most of the hangs consists of two flown JBL VerTec VT 4880 Subwoofers with four VerTec 4889 3-way Line Array elements below. The 4880 is a dual 18” box, and the 4889 has two dual voice coil woofers, four dual voice coil 8” mid-range drivers, and three 1 ½” throat diameter high frequency compression drivers in each box.

The Impact

“All of the various production crews working this event, handling more jobs than I could possibly list is genuinely impressive to watch. The scope of the technical systems that are put together for this one day is just staggering. it is really impressive, the care, dedication, skill, and effort that the team puts into this job is absolutely world class.” – Steve Milner

September 13

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September 13, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces Studer Micro Series V2.0 Software

New software update delivers powerful new features and improvements to enhance mixing workflows for broadcast and production applications

AMSTERDAM (IBC Booth 8.D56)— HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today announced new Studer by HARMAN Micro Series V2.0 software at the 2018 IBC Show.

The Studer Micro Series is a compact and flexible broadcast solution that is ideal for a variety of applications, including radio and TV broadcasts, production studios and ENG/DSNG. HARMAN Micro Series V2.0 software delivers powerful new features that improve the mixing workflow and user experience, including ducking, user access privileges, assignable FX, and 19 major improvements and bug fixes including the previously announced VoiceMix (auto mixing) functionality. In addition, with the 2.0 update Studer Micro has frequency compliance for the Japanese market.

“New Studer Micro Series V2.0 software adds essential new features and improvements to deliver even more powerful functionality for the Micro Series production system,” said Mark Hosking, Director, Sales Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “Studer Micro Series V2.0 software streamlines and improves mixing workflows, and provides the versatile capabilities that broadcast facilities need for dynamic live-to-air and off-air production environments.”

Comprised of the core unit, graphical user interface and optional fader control surface, the Studer Micro Series combines renowned Studer quality with intuitive features, such as AoIP, Lexicon effects processing and now ducking and proprietary VoiceMix automatic mixing for unprecedented value and versatility. Every function of the core unit can be controlled via the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Users simply connect using an HTML5-capable web browser on computer or tablet, no additional software required. For broadcasters who want tactile control, the optional fader module is a highly simplified 6-fader surface that provides streamlined controls for quick level adjustments and multitasking during live operation. Two controllers can be attached for a maximum of 12 faders.

Micro Series V2.0 software features include:

  • VoiceMix (auto mixing)
  • Ducking
  • Definable user access privileges
  • Assignable FX
  • Updated frequencies for the Japanese market

In addition a number of usability issues have been addressed that were reported by Micro Series users after the product shipped. These fixes include improvements to metering, snapshot overwrite, user access, system config messages, and several optimizations to the GUI and layout.


The Studer Micro V2.0 update has an estimated availability date of January 2019 and will be a free download for all registered Studer Micro Customers.  To be notified when the update is available, please register your Studer Micro Series Hardware or sign up for the Studer Newsletter.

To Learn more about Studer Micro Series, please visit: https://www.studer.ch/en-US/products/micro-series.

September 04

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September 04, 2018

LPL Studios Takes eSports in New Zealand to the Next Level with HARMAN Professional Solutions Audio Systems

DVT and JPRO outfit world class-gaming facility with JBL 305P MkII studio monitors, AKG microphones and a Studer Micro Series mixing system

AUCKLAND, New Zealand—AV integrator Digital Video Technologies (DVT) recently outfitted LPL Studios, New Zealand’s first eSports studio, with world-class audio solutions from HARMAN Professional Solutions.

LPL Studios is a state-of-the-art eSports broadcast studio opened through a partnership between Let’s Play Live and SkyCity Entertainment Group. The newly constructed facilities feature soundproofed PC, console and commentator booths for hosting eSports competitions. In order to film and broadcast live eSports events in 4K and HD, management hired DVT to outfit the facility with high-tech broadcasting equipment, including state-of-the-art audio systems, microphones and digital mixing systems. To meet these goals, DVT partnered with JPRO (formerly known as Jands NZ), who a supplied JBL Professional 305P MkII powered studio monitors and a Studer Micro Series digital mixing system.

“When DVT came to us for support with LPL Studios we knew the Studer Micro Series would be the perfect solution,” said Tim Robertson, JPRO Specialist. “The core unit itself is rack mounted and everything is controlled remotely, so it’s a huge space–saver. Plus, it’s loaded with tons of great features like automatic mixing and built-in DSP effects.”

The TV control room is equipped with JBL 305P MkII studio monitors and an MSC1 monitor system controller for pristine monitoring. DVT also installed a Studer Micro Series digital mixing system, which enables staff to quickly and easily switch between multiple analogue and digital sources.

DVT deployed AKG HM1000 hanging modules with CK31 cardioid condenser capsules above the game pods as ambient mics to capture the excitement without obstructing the view for guests or cameras. The commentary and analysis desks make use of AKG HSD271 professional studio headsets for hands-free commentating, while AKG DMS800 wireless microphones provide cable-free mobility for the hosts.

“Our biggest challenge was working around the unique, cylindrical design of the venue,” said Stuart Barnaby, Managing Director, DVT. “We needed to find a way to capture sound from eGamers, commentators and the audience individually, with minimal bleed. Thankfully AKG offers a variety of mics designed for different applications, which provided us with the flexibility we needed to get the job done.”

“We’re thrilled to provide LPL Studios with a world-class sound system and proud to be associated with the first eSports broadcast facility in New Zealand and Australia,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “With a proud history of providing reliable and efficient production solutions to broadcasters, we’re confident that HARMAN Professional Solutions’ iconic brands will elevate the eSports experience of LPL Studio guests. We thank DVT and JPRO for their relationship and customer-first approach.”

July 02

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July 02, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Helps Toolroom Records Create an All-In-One Production Facility

New Studer Micro Series mixing system is at the center of a comprehensive live performance and broadcast studio featuring JBL Professional, AKG and Martin solutions 

MAIDSTONE, ENGLAND—Toolroom Records recently installed a complete audio and lighting system by HARMAN Professional Solutions in a brand new performance space and broadcast studio at the label’s headquarters in Maidstone.

Toolroom is a UK-based record label that is internationally recognized for its trend-setting brand of House, Tech House and Techno. Founded in 2003 by Grammy-nominated producer Mark Knight, Toolroom features a roster of established and rising DJs and producers, with releases from Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, Underworld and many more. More than just a traditional record label, Toolroom has ventured into a wide variety of media and entertainment platforms, including radio, television, broadcasting, international events and education.

Toolroom Radio is a weekly syndicated program that reaches 13 million listeners, featuring in-studio interviews and intimate performances. In addition to these media platforms, Toolroom Academy fosters a new generation of musical talent by providing a specialized education in electronic music. In order to host such a diverse range of programs and activities, Toolroom recently built an intimate broadcast studio and live performance space in its main office building. The comprehensive production facility is equipped with a complete HARMAN audio and lighting solution, anchored by a new Studer Micro Series digital audio mixing system.

“We’re really excited about unveiling our new multi-use production facility,” said Miles Shackelton, Brand Director at Toolroom Records. “I don’t know of any other independent labels with an in-house performance space quite like ours. The flexibility and power of the HARMAN system enables us to produce our weekly radio show, host live performances, film HD video interviews and more—all from the Toolroom headquarters. The team at HARMAN really went above and beyond to provide us with the technical tools we need to create high-quality content.”

The new Toolroom studio is anchored by the new Studer Micro Series, a compact and cost-effective solution which provides the functionality of a high-end digital audio mixing system. Studer Micro Series is ideal for small-format broadcast studios, combining renowned Studer quality with powerful features, including AoIP, Lexicon effects processing, VoiceMix automatic mixing and more. Consisting of a core unit, an intuitive GUI and an optional fader control surface, Studer Micro saves valuable studio space by eliminating the need for a large, expensive audio mixer.  

“The Studer Micro Series mixing system is the central unit of our facility, and provides everything we need to produce Toolroom Radio,” said Mikey Whyte, Content Marketing Manager at Toolroom Records. “It enables us to mix and stream performances and interviews to Facebook and YouTube, while also recording everything. Our radio producer later mixes down the audio assets on the Studer Micro, and that becomes the radio show that is syndicated on over 70 satellite and terrestrial radio stations worldwide.” 

The HARMAN audio system installed in the Toolroom studio also includes JBL Professional speakers and AKG microphones. Additionally, the intimate space is visually augmented with a Martin lighting solution. Together, the complete HARMAN audiovisual system gives Toolroom the flexibility to deliver world-class production value for any type of artist, performance or event.

“Even though the live performance space is intimate, it was important for the audio to be powerful and crisp, with plenty of deep bass and rich high-end,” concluded Whyte. “The sound provided by the HARMAN system is ridiculously good—many producers are asking us to host album launch parties and private listening sessions because it sounds that great in the room. We’re also pleased with the Martin lighting system because it enables us to adjust the ambience in the room for different scenarios. We can make the room look like a nightclub during live DJ performances or achieve natural subject lighting when shooting video interviews.” 

June 14

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June 14, 2018

Nur Islam FM Delivers Powerful Spiritual Programming with HARMAN Professional Solutions

Mahajak Trio upgrades radio station studio with Studer OnAir 1500 to enhance workflows and ensure seamless integration with MCR system

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Brunei—Mahajak Trio recently upgraded Nur Islam 93.3 FM’s studio with a Studer by HARMAN OnAir 1500 radio broadcast mixing console.

Founded in 1984 by Radio Television Brunei (RTB), Nur Islam 93.3 FM is a state-funded radio station with mostly religious programming, dedicated to helping listeners develop their spiritual lives. Alongside other RTB stations National FM, Pilihan FM, Pelangi FM and Harmoni FM, Nur Islam FM is one of the most popular radio stations in the nation of Brunei, with listeners tuning in online or over-the-air. To keep up with rising global broadcast standards, station managers reached out to audio distributor Mahajak Trio to replace the studio’s aging mixing console with a state-of-the-art digital mixing solution.

According to Mahajak Trio Senior Sales Manager, Lee Chin Kah, a key requirement to be considered was that the new console needed to be fully integrated with the studio’s existing MCR audio and control network such as talkback function between Master Control Room (MCR) and radio studio. In order to ensure premium audio quality for the station’s programming and seamless integration with the existing studio technology, Mahajak Trio selected the Studer OnAir 1500 radio broadcast mixing console.

“We required a reliable and flexible mixing solution that could interface with our MCR router system for both audio network and talkback functions,” said Ms. Ruzana, Audio Engineer, Nur Islam FM. “In a self-operated studio such as ours, an efficient workflow is critical to maintaining high production standards. We love the new Studer OnAir 1500—the Touch ’n’ Action interface and intelligent control system is extremely intuitive, making it that much quicker to dial in a professional mix. We thank Mahajak Trio team for offering a hands-on training session and educating our team on the OnAir 1500’s more advanced features, giving our engineers the confidence to handle any situation.”

The Studer OnAir 1500 is a 12-channel console designed specifically for radio broadcasting and production. Innovative features like USB jingle playback/record and complete integration with radio automation systems make the OnAir 1500 the idea choice for stations like Nur Islam FM, which require a flexible compact mixing console for their production needs. Bridging the gap between on-air and production needs, the OnAir 1500 provides Nur Islam FM’s staff with the premium quality and efficient workflow needed to consistently produce great programming. Finally, the OnAir 1500’s built-in MADI network enabled Mahajak to interface the console with the studio’s existing MCR network router with zero latency issues, as well as connecting the station’s intercom panel to the Studer’s talkback function.

“It is a great privilege to be associated with Nur Islam 93.3 FM, one of Brunei’s longest-running radio stations,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We have a proud history of providing reliable and efficient production solutions to broadcasters, and we’re confident that the station’s new Studer OnAir 1500 console will ensure high-quality programming for a long time to come. We thank Mahajak Trio for their faith in Studer and HARMAN products, and for their constant innovation and customer-focused approach to satisfying their clients’ needs.”

May 16

May 16, 2018

Studer by HARMAN Debuts Powerful, Cost Effective Vista 5 Black Edition

New mixing surface brings advanced features and Studer Infinity Core support in a cost effective console

KOBA (Booth #C210 Dongyang Digital) – SEOUL, South Korea – HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in networked audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced the immediate availability of the Studer Vista 5 Black Edition console. Built upon the tradition of the massively successful Studer Vista 5 M3 mixing console, the new Vista 5 Black Edition brings even more advanced capabilities to the platform with the addition of the industry-leading Studer Infinity Core processor.

Studer Vista Black Edition consoles were designed to deliver the flexibility and advanced features of Vista mixing surfaces to a more cost-conscious market, bringing Studer’s legendary sound quality to even more applications, including radio and TV broadcast, OB trucks, houses of worship, performing arts, and more. “The response to the Studer Vista 1 Black Edition has been very strong,” says Mark Hosking, Director, Broadcast Sales at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The larger Vista 5 Black Edition opens up more potential applications offering the same sleek look but in a scalable mixing system. And because it is built upon the Infinity Core processing engine, it can deliver full processing redundancy in a very cost effective, yet full featured console with the sound quality our customers expect from Studer products.”

The Studer Vista 5 Black Edition is available in 22, 32 and 44 fader sizes, and supports an optional TFT meter bridge. The console’s features include Studer’s unique Vistronics interface and FaderGlow technology, as well as the Infinity Core’s advanced capabilities such as Dynamic EQ plug-ins and full Core redundancy with up to 1000 MEQs (Mono Equivalent Channels). The Vista 5 Black Edition supports any of Studer’s range of Infinity Core products, including the Infinity Core 300, 600 and 1000, as well as the new Studer Infinity Core Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution. This IT-friendly solution allows customers to run Studer’s real-time audio processing on their own server hardware just by adding a standard PCIe Infinity CoreLink card.

“We are exceptionally excited to bring the Studer Vista 5 Black Edition to market,” says Hosking. “The combination of advanced features and compelling price point make this an excellent solution for a wide range of applications in today’s market.”

Additional Details

For further details on the Studer Vista 5 Black Edition, we invite you to visit: https://www.studer.ch/en/products/vista-5-black-edition