Katy Templeman-Holmes Joins Studer

March 03, 2011

POTTERS BAR, United Kingdom — Katy Templeman-Holmes has joined Soundcraft Studer as product manager responsible for the Studer OnAir product line and radio broadcast market, plus brand development in the USA and joins the Harman Mixer Group's marketing team, reporting to Director Keith Watson. 

Katy's experience spans production, operations, engineering, technical sales and creative production. Most recently, she spent the past year working with JBL in Northridge, California. 

On her appointment, Katy said, "This opportunity to contribute to the continued success of Studer in broadcast is incredible. Being in Switzerland and working with some of the world's best engineers and designers has shown me exactly why Studer is the top broadcast console manufacturer. Moving Studer forward with the next generation of systems is extremely exciting for me, the team, and our customers worldwide." 

Katy has worked in broadcast engineering and media post production, first working as a board op in radio. Her career took her to London-based Trans World International as a Broadcast Tech Op, and across to America working for Fox and Clear Channel. Prior to Harman, Katy worked in Technical Sales for Solid State Logic and Euphonix, designing and planning audio infrastructures and working with clients such as FOX and PBS. 

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