KMMB in Korea turns to Studer for DMB audio control

February 15, 2006

Based in Seoul, KMMB is one of Korea's six licensees for the next-generation digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), and has been investing heavily in new facilities and equipment as it ramped up for transmission at the end of 2005.


The investment included six Studer digital consoles of varying configurations, supplied by DYC Dong Yang Trading Co., Studer's representative in South Korea, which have been installed in an all-new DMB radio and TV broadcasting station.


The largest of the Studer models, the OnAir 3000 is being used for live programming and production in the DMB TV Master Control Room (MCR).   In the DMB radio MCR, there is a Studer OnAir 2000, and a similar console is installed in the DMB TV news centre where it is deployed on news production and transmission.  Elsewhere in the radio station, three smaller Studer OnAir 1000 desks are in use by music DJs.

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