Korea's broadcasters hungry for Studer technology, analogue and digital

February 25, 2006

Three of the major national broadcasters of Korea have been buying up Studer audio mixing technology, according to importers DYC Dong Yang Trading Co., who have recently supplied consoles to KBS, YTN and, most extensively, the MBC national radio network.

KBS, the public service Korean Broadcasting System, and YTN, the first and only full-time news network in Korea, have both acquired Studer A928 analogue consoles for use in radio and TV production applications.

Munhwha Broadcasting Corporation, one of Korea's largest TV broadcasters, is also the proprietor of an extensive nationwide radio and television network made up of 19 regional stations. Although operating as individual enterprises, these local stations are partly- or wholly-owned by MBC, and therefore have a close relationship with the network's headquarters in Seoul.

Several of the regional stations have turned to Studer for their broadcast audio console needs, finding the breadth of the Studer portfolio can provide the right product for the smallest on-air studio to the larger facilities currently on the digital upgrade path. Kwang Ju MBC is installing a small OnAir 500 Modulo on-air radio mixer, the smallest digital model in the Studer range, but chosen for its operationally flexible design. ChungJu MBC has just ordered two OnAir1000 consoles which it plans to use in new studios in a new building. Ulsan MBC has installed an OnAir 2000 desk, and Chuncheon MBC is taking delivery of an OnAir 3000 digital console. In all cases, Studer's reputation for reliability, coupled with DYC's maintenance and support, has proved the key selling point.

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