New UTV Media network up and running with Studer OnAir 2500 consoles

July 17, 2009

UTV Media have installed four OnAir 2500 Digital consoles, a central core/router and several OnAir modules as part of a new Studio complex in Wigan.

With their Corporate HQ based in Belfast, UTV Media runs numerous TV and Radio stations and production facilities.

The new complex is one of 11 UTV Media sites based in England and Wales, and hosts three of the network’s radio stations; Wish FM, Tower FM, and Wire FM.

Al Robertson, Technical Director for UTV Media, explains their thought process for the new facility:

“With three FM stations to broadcast, we wanted a studio infrastructure that was flexible so that we could use any studio, rather than dedicate rooms to each station. We also wanted it future-proof so we could cope with any future programming demands, and be able to share resources and audio lines between any of these studios so we were not constricted on how we use the rooms.”

“We were, at the same time, moving completely from old analogue-console based studios to a digital system, and having used Studer OnAir 3000 and OnAir 2000 consoles in other parts of the group had no concerns over Studer’s quality and reliability, which is well documented. The feedback from the OnAir 3000 users was very positive.”

Two additional news preparation/news reading booths utilise simple 3-fader modules from the OnAir system, and all are linked by a Studer Route 6000 router system running the new STUDER RELINK I/O sharing application so that audio assets can be gathered from or sent to any studio.

“The desks have been configured with custom buttons which allows us to instantly switch transmission paths, to enable any studio to broadcast any of the three stations, so the studiso are totally operator-driven” continues Robertson. “We have four identical studios, three for live and one ‘back-up’ studio which can be used during studio maintenance or cleaning, or for other production work. The changeover to the new facilities has been completely seamless for our listeners.”

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