Portable Remote Control for Studer Vista consoles to be unveiled at NAB

April 11, 2012

There are often times when a console operator would like to be able to stand in any place in a venue and change console settings. For Studer Vista users, that dream is about to become reality. 

At NAB, Studer is unveiling its new Studer® Compact Remote Bay, a portable controller hardly larger than a laptop, but containing 12 motorised Penny & Giles faders and 40 rotary controls which link to a 19" touch-screen running Studer's Virtual Vista software. This emulates the console's acclaimed Vistonics user interface. 

As well as remote operation the Compact Remote Bay may also be used to extend the main control surface for a second operator on large shows. It can even be used as a standalone controller for the Vista's DSP core should the control surface not be available, with the provision of connections for local 5.1 monitoring and a headphone output. 

For portability and transit protection, the screen folds down over the control surface. 

Other new products from Studer at NAB include the new Studer Vista 1 Compact mixing console, VISTA FX Lexicon engine, RTW MT7 Metering Option for Vista consoles, integral EMBER control protocol and an Axia Livewire AoIP card for the D21m system. 

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