Studer announces OnAir 500

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June 27, 2003

Studer has further extended its range of digital broadcast mixers with the release of the OnAir 500, a compact console designed for the smallest live on-air applications and for outside broadcast operations. The OnAir 500 joins the OnAir 1000, OnAir 2000M2, OnAir 2000M2 Modulo and OnAir 5000 and enhances Studer’s ability to offer a digital console for any conceivable broadcast application.

The Studer OnAir 500 has six channel faders, two master faders, an integrated routing system and comprehensive monitoring and talkback facilities for control room and studio.

The integral mains power supply may be backed up by an external 24V DC supply, ensuring continuity of programming and easy mobile use.

The On-Air 500 integrates perfectly with automated playout systems, including Studer’s own DigiMedia broadcast system and the RCS Master Control automation system, and is perfect for smaller radio stations looking for an easy upgrade route from analogue to digital, for new broadcasters setting up an all-digital infrastructure from scratch and for established broadcast centres requiring occasional spare capacity for special programmes and outside broadcasts.

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