Studer D950 M2 digital mixer with new and powerful AutoTouch Plus Automation and an enhanced digital Patch Bay (Router)

March 01, 2002

Studer’s new AutoTouch Plus automation and the enhanced Router are part of the new V3.0 software of the Studer D950 M2, the company's flagship digital mixing console for broadcast and production applications. A new automation "engine" has been developed that offers greatly enhanced functionality. AutoTouch Plus permits the most complex automation tasks to be carried out within a clear and logical workflow, while remaining straightforward and simple to operate.

Every fader and knob within the Studer D950 M2 is touch-sensitive and can be dynamically automated. However, sophisticated audition modes are also available which allow a control value to be first auditioned, and then explicitly punched into automation record, either locally or globally. AutoTouch Plus extends the same touch sensitive operation to its sophisticated dynamic switch automation. Of course when off-line editing is required, AutoTouch Plus provides a comprehensive off-line mix edit facility that permits the editing and copying of automation data for faders, knobs and switches within a mix, or merged across 2 mixes. Mix files are automatically saved to hard disk and are managed with extensive visual support via the new Mix Tree System (MTS) providing instant overview of all mix passes. With a host of additional features Studer’s AutoTouch Plus dynamic automation ensures that every mix session will go smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Integral within the DSP core is an extensive routing matrix, providing complete easy-to-patch facilities that, if required, negate the need for an outboard patch bay or front-end router. The digital router has been greatly enhanced now providing immediate access to all cross points. 

With over 130 systems in use throughout the world, the Studer D950 has a proven record of reliability in a wide variety of applications. The size and layout of the control surface can be tailored to suit about any need in a wide range of applications. The unique design allows for several levels of redundancy and is the basis for the Studer D950’s excellent reliability record and the high degree of confidence enjoyed by the many users running their systems in mission-critical applications.

Studer D950 M2 with software V3.0 becomes available in Spring 2002. Existing systems can be upgraded with the new software and features.

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