Studer Equips Japan’s National Theatre

February 04, 2004

The National Theatre of Japan is installing two Studer Vista 6 digital live broadcast consoles and a D950 digital production console to provide an all-digital surround sound system in its Tokyo auditorium. A 40-fader Vista 6 with 96 mic inputs, 48 line inputs and 12 AES/EBU digital inputs is specified to provide the main FOH and monitor mix, and a 20-fader Vista 6 with 32 mic inputs, 56 line inputs and 16 AES/EBU digital inputs will be used for sound effects. 

Both consoles have identical output configurations, providing 16 group outputs and 16 mono auxiliary outputs, and each console feeds a 32 x 32 digital matrix which provides level control and delay facilities. The outputs from these two matrices then feed a 64 x 64 matrix with EQ and level control. This complex matrix facility is provided by a D950 M2 console fitted with a central assignment section and 8 faders.

The system will be used for the first time on February 11th, which is Japan’s National Foundation Day, celebrated every year with traditional Japanese dancing. The National Theatre specialises in Kabuki and Kyogen, and this year a 3-day exhibition of these traditional Japanes dances and plays will begin on February 11th – a most appropriate way to celebrate the new Studer installation.

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