Studer releases V3.3 Software

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September 30, 2003

At IBC2003 Studer will be demonstrating a new software release for their range of large digital consoles. Studer’s software policy is to ensure that software upgrades are applicable to all consoles of similar type, so that existing customers can benefit from new features irrespective of the age of their consoles. The V3.3 software is applicable to all three consoles using the D950 processing core – the D950 M2, Vista 7 and Vista 6. The new features offered by V3.3 vary depending on the console type and its existing feature set, but all three consoles benefit by having improved snapshot facilities in static mode, an UNDO function for snapshot recall, snapshot crossfades over any interval up to 100 secs and protection against accidentally changing patched connections.

Both the Vista 6 live broadcast console and the Vista 7 production console additionally benefit from a multi-operator facility option, a clipboard library, allowing individual settings or whole channels to be stored, and an elegant snapshot preview function which enables the operator to compare an upcoming snapshot simultanously with the current settings. For both consoles the static automation facilities are extended to include snapshot filtering, trim, and partial console snapshots, and the option to show an enlarged display of any currently touched control on the Vistonics panel. Clipboard libraries such as frequently used EQ or dynamics settings can be stored to a removable CDR, a very useful feature both for live broadcasting and post production, and for the latter market, an important new feature on the Vista 7 is the provision of a PEC/DIR style function which allows monitoring of multiple stem mixes.

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