Studer Route 6000 Software Update Enables I/O Sharing

March 09, 2009

REGENSDORF, Switzerland – Studer Route 6000 Routers are now capable of utilising STUDER RELINK (Resource Linking) - Studer’s new scalable and flexible audio resource sharing system.


The new V2.0 release of software for the Studer Route 6000 Router System adds source and target sharing over a network of Studer consoles. This enables Studer Vista consoles to use inputs and outputs from a Route 6000 in the RELINK-network, and control and process those signals as though they were directly connected to the desk.


Unlike some other systems, this facility is not restricted to one type of mixer, but can operate between Vista 5, Vista 6, Vista 7, Vista 8, OnAir 3000 and OnAir 2500 consoles, with the added advantage of being able to centralize all the audio through the Studer Route 6000 audio routing system. Audio interconnects may use MADI, AES, ADAT, analog or cost effective HDLink connections, using Studer’s SCore Live and D21m I/O system components. No additional hardware is required to complete a simple one-step I/O sharing system, as control is passed over TCP/IP between consoles. Mic take-over is seamless and resilient, ideal for demanding and flexible multi room facilities.


Using Studer’s D21m interface modules, the Route 6000 can offer an easily scaleable I/O size up to massive capacity of 1728 x 1728 inputs and outputs, with all crosspoints having silent crossfades when signals are patched. Furthermore, with multichannel interfaces like MADI, operators can choose which blocks of signals to acquire, so that unused channels are not allocated to the DSP so freeing up DSP connections and thus providing a much more efficient patching system.  Monitoring of the signals is possible at nearly any point in the signal flow, including inputs, pre and post processing, and final outputs. The system is totally TCP/IP based, allowing remote control interfacing via ProBel or EMBER to third party control systems such as Virtual Studio Manager (VSM).


As the Route 6000 is totally based on Studer’s Score Live DSP engine at the heart of the Vista and OnAir consoles, customers using an integrated system will have a set of common modules as spares or for reconfiguring individual systems, saving money and inventory space. The sheer horsepower of the Score Live engine means that not only can multiple custom blocks of processing (such as delays, stereo to mono summing or limiters), but these can be used without compromising the input/output capacity of the Route 6000 – no inputs or outputs are lost if more DSP is used.


An attractive feature for the larger facility is that Route 6000 is license-free, no additional costs are involved to use the integral Pro-Bel, EMBER and SNMP interfaces.

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