Studer’s Call Management System Wins Radio World “Cool Stuff" Award

April 16, 2008

LAS VEGAS, April 2008 : Studer’s Call Management System (CMS), was the winner of radio's most prestigious technology honor, the Radio World "Cool Stuff" Award, given by a panel of engineering judges on behalf of Radio World newspaper at the NAB2008 convention in Las Vegas.

Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award-winning products, announced by U.S. Editor in Chief Paul J. McLane, were selected by a panel of expert radio broadcast engineers as notable for their design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving radio broadcast users.

Only a small number of products were chosen for the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Awards from among the hundreds, if not thousands, of new products on display at the convention.

With sophisticated functionality for waiting rooms, multiple-choice voting, and data management, CMS is scalable from a simple 2-station system for phone-ins, right up to a multiple workstation system to gather news, run competitions, including specific control packages for producers and assistants as well as the DJ.

The CMS can be used standalone with any mixing console, but the functionality is dramatically enhanced when seamlessly integrated with Studer's own OnAir 2500 and OnAir 3000 consoles, whereby the Studer CMS is capable of handling and routing calls from listeners and journalists directly to OnAir 3000 and OnAir 2500 console input faders and can automatically assign names to those faders.

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