Studer wins biggest ever console order

April 17, 2003

Studer has received its biggest ever order for large frame digital consoles from Seoul Broadcasting Systems in Korea for the company’s new Broadcasting Center in Seoul. With 6 D950 M2 and 3 Vista 7 consoles already delivered, SBS has ordered a further 6 Studer D950 M2 consoles and 2 additional Vista 7 consoles.

The 6 D950 M2 consoles will be installed as pairs in three new HDTV studios. Studio 3, for sports programming, will have a 32-fader main console with a 24-fader sub-console; Studio 4, designed for cultural and educational program production, will have a 40-fader main console and a 24-fader sub-unit, and the news studio, Studio 7, will be fitted with the largest main console with 48 faders together with the third 24-fader sub-console.

The two 30-fader Vista 7 digital production consoles are destined for the two new HDTV post production studios, and will bring SBS’s total of Vista 7 consoles to five units. SBS is one of the largest broadcasters involved in HDTV, with all programming done in HDTV and transmitted in conventional analog (NTSC) and digital HDTV.

“This new order”, said Studer AG President Bruno Hochstrasser, “was placed with Studer, through our our exclusive Korean distributor, DYC Dong Yang Trading Co., because SBS was very satisfied with the first batch of consoles, in terms of both reliablity and ease of operation, and it will make SBS one of Studer’s largest installations worldwide”.

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