TV Hokkaido chooses Studer D950 M2

April 17, 2003

TV Hokkaido (Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) is the northernmost local TV station in Japan. Founded in 1988, the station has chosen a Studer D950 M2 digital broadcast production console to replace its existing audio console. Chief Engineer Osamu Ikeda needed a dual purpose console capable of being used equally well for both live broadcasting and post production, and after comparing technical information and customer references from seven manufacturers, he selected the Studer D950 M2 for several reasons.

“We broadcast in stereo, but surround may be needed in the future” said Ikeda, “and the D950 is the best in surround and very easy to change configurations between stereo and surround, which saves costs. Also the Studer monitor panel is very user friendly, and the built-in redundancy of Studer’s DSP gives great confidence in live broadcasting. We found that Studer has good customer references all over the world”.

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