A3 (discontinued)

Active near field monitor

The Studer A3 is a high-precision active near-field monitor. Applying group delay compensation and negative output impedance to a near-field speaker represents a true innovation in design philosophy, which makes the A3 speaker an impressive performer in its class. 

The high SPL that can be produced over the whole frequency spectrum. The impressive frequency response is quite unique for a speaker of that size. 

The Studer A Series speakers are also ideal for surround applications. The group delay compensation makes the Studer series of speakers ideal for Surround Sound. Mixing and matching of speakers is possible while correct phase response is maintained. 

For all applications the A3 introduces a new standard of precision and will certainly change your perception of near field speaker performance. 



Volume potentiometer on the frontpanel.
High sound pressure level over the whole frequency spectrum.
Flat frequency response.
High accuracy impulse behaviour due to negative output impedance.
Highly precise stereo image as a result of the group delay compensation.
Designed for horizontal and vertical use.
Prepared for stand and ceiling mounting.
Protection circuit for each of the drivers.
Separate amplifier stage for each driver


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A3 (discontinued)

Active near field monitor