D21 MasterSync

A very accurate professional generator will improve the sound of a digital system as well as ist stability and reliability. Based on the Studer D21 MultiFeed distributor, the Studer D21 MasterSync includes a highly accurate internal clock reference (1 ppm). The generator can be synchronized from an external source with a video, a wordclock or an AES/EBU signal. The generator can be set to 44.056, 44.1, 47.952 or 48 kHz as well as twice and four times these values. It is, for instance, possible to convert a 29.97 fps video signal to a 44.056 or 44.1 kHz sampling rate signal.

The Video input is on a BNC socket, termination may be selected with an internal jumper from hi-Z or 75 Ohms. Wordclock inputs/outputs are on BNC sockets, input sensitivity is 1 Vpp. The polarity of three of the WCLK outputs may be inverted with an internal jumper. AES/EBU inputs/outputs are on 15-pin D-type male connectors. For Wordclock and AES/EBU sync signals the input frequency is displayed by front-panel LEDs.

The vital significance of a generator/distributor in a digital system is obvious, redundancy therefore is a must. Either a redundant power supply or a second Studer D21 MasterSync linked for full redundancy – both with optical feedback – can be ordered as options. In case of a malfunction, the supply as well as the AES/EBU and wordclock signals are taken from the second unit, and a front-panel LED indicates that there is a problem. In order to avoid phase jumps during switchover, both units are continuously synchronized. An optional AES/EBU redundancy input allows monitoring of the AES/EBU inputs and, in case of signal failure, switches over to the four auxiliary AES/EBU inputs. 

The Studer D21 MasterSync is ideally suited for even the most demanding applications such as control or continuity rooms – it is the backbone of your digital studio which you can rely on.

For product availability and pricing please contact your local dealer. 


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