Infinity Core

Unprecedented CPU-based Processing Power

Core 200 1000 large

With the development of global live productions requiring more processing power, the Studer Infinity Core comfortably exceeds the demand for processing power, whilst at the same time, provides this in a compact footprint, with extra failsafe systems and increased redundancy protection as standard. 

Although today's mixing systems can already offer pristine audio quality and the capacity to run live production with hundreds of inputs, technology is continuously pushing the boundary and demanding more for the industry. 

In order to satisfy this demand, Studer has developed the 'Infinity Core' technology, leveraging standard IT components, it offers the ideal flexible, future-ready backend audio signal processing solution. 

Thanks to the 'Infinity Core' technology, this is the first time more than 800 audio channels have been processed in a CPU-based board, providing a scalable system, faster development of new signal processing designs, huge channel counts, full system redundancy without a single point of failure and the possibility of running third-party algorithms. 

In combination with Studer's new A-Link interface, Infinity Core solutions enable the use of significantly higher bandwidth, including a higher number of channel counts between console and Infinity Core - utilising up to 12 A-Link interfaces, covering longer distances where required. 

The main advantages with this technology approach are: 

• Infinite processing power (with more to come as processors get faster with new generations of CPUs)
• Scalability of audio signal processing
• No need to redesign processing cards with new DSP- or FPGA-chip generation
• The ability to add new processing functions
• The extendibility of the system (allowing it to grow with customer needs)

Secure operation - Infinity Core is a reliable solution coming with a sophisticated redundancy mechanism by running two Cores in parallel in master and slave modes with fail-over switching mechanism without the slightest audible disturbance. 

Available in 3 versions: 200, 400 and 800 channels, the Studer Infinity Core delivers unprecedented capacity with superb sonic quality, and with more than 5000 inputs and outputs. 

Recommended for: Broadcast, TV, OB Van, Performing Arts, Theatres, Installed Sound.




Infinity Core

Unprecedented CPU-based Processing Power