Vista 7 (discontinued)

Digital Mixing Console for Production Applications

The Studer Vista 7 production mixer combines the unparalleled operating concept Vistonics™ for quick and easy operation of a digital console with Studer's renown technology and processing algorithms.

The Studer Vista 7 is a digital mixing console far beyond the limitations of existing designs. It's the first digital mixer incorporating an ergonomic operating concept spreading throughout the whole console: Vistonics. Part of Vistonics is the patented technology for integrating rotary controls and buttons within a flat screen display. This finally brings visualization and operation into immediate proximity and therefore provides instant overview as well as instant access to critical controls thus making operation quick and safe.

When familiarizing yourself with the Studer Vista 7 you'll soon discover that you already know how to operate this console. Hired engineers will quickly be able to operate the console as well. In general, workflow of a production will become much smoother and production time will be shorter. 

The Studer Vista 7 fits the bill in about any production environment. Flexibility, reliability and sound of the new mixer is based on Studer's well proven digital technology.



February 18, 2004
Studer equips Kyoto IC

February 06, 2003
Studer Vista 7 in Studio 102



Vista 7 (discontinued)

Digital Mixing Console for Production Applications