Vista 9 M2 QS (discontinued)

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Vista 9 combines advanced ergonomic design and groundbreaking Vistonics user interface with complete system flexibility and pristine audio quality to create a console fit for a new age of broadcast and live production. 

Available in frame sizes from 32 to 72 fader strips (in steps of 10), Vista 9 uses the proven SCore Live DSP core which, with D21m system components, allows an I/O matrix of up to 1728 inputs x 1728 outputs. 

Combined with the unparalleled configurability of the systems and control layout, and common component modules, Vista 9 really is the console that can do it all. 

And now Vista 9 M2 QS sets a new benchmark for system redundancy, with advanced new Quad Star CPU architecture and optimised system design providing the ultimate in security and peace-of-mind in critical live production applications. 

Setting new standards for system redundancy 

System redundancy has an understandably high priority in today's world of professional audio, where complete failure in front of large live and broadcast audiences is not acceptable. 

A significant redesign of the heart of the Vista 9 desk has provided the ultimate in redundancy. Every aspect of the desk design has been reassessed, expanding on the redundancy concept of the Vista 9 by fitting four new state of the art CPUs and simplifying and reducing the internal wiring. 

Additional enhanced monitoring and control software provides a menu driven health check on the desk enabling the user to have a complete view on the status of the desk and its peripheral equipment, giving confidence to the users in mission critical operations. 

Quad Star Redundancy 

The new Vista 9 Quad Star design is based around four independent quad core CPU systems split into two fully redundant dual-CPU subsystems. Each sub-system includes its own separate PSU regulators, system interfaces, HD graphics processors, random access memory (RAM) and ultra reliable Solid State Discs (SSD's) for data storage, as electromechanical hard disks can become unreliable in high sound pressure level environments. 

Both of these dual-CPU sub-systems are fitted into the Vista 9 surface to provide two completely independent, fully redundant control systems. This, together with fully redundant primary and secondary power supplies, fully redundant Ethernet switches, fully redundant communications interfaces, fully redundant AC connectors and fully redundant fans, provide a highly reliable, highly stable digital mixing console solution for critical live production applications. 

The main/standby switching is now provided on the desk surface modules themselves, so avoiding a complex central switch module and a potential single point of failure. This new design allows a simplification of the cabling within the desk and by using gold plated RJ45 latching connectors provides enhanced reliability particularly for mobile applications. 

This concept offers seamless switchover to the redundant control system by a single button press without loss of audio during changeover. All project data is copied over automatically in the background during normal operation so the latest title, snapshot and strip setup data is available on the redundant system allowing completion of the production without loss of any functionality. 

Recommended for: Broadcast, Performing Arts, TV, OB Van, Theatres, Houses of Worship, Installed Sound.

Key Features


Vistonics Integrating rotary controls and buttons directly into the flat screen displays providing visual feedback, Vista 9's Vistonics interface delivers a uniquely intuitive operator experience – the key to
smooth workflow, short production time and trouble free live transmission.
Vista FX Lexicon® high quality broadcast surround effects and a graphic EQ are available as an option for the Vista 9. Both are controlled through the widely acclaimed Vistonics user interface, with connection to the SCore Live DSP engine via two high-capacity multichannel HD Links.
FaderGlow FaderGlow provides the operator with an instant overview of the console status by illuminating each fader in one of eight, freely-assignable colours. Stress levels are dramatically reduced when mixing in an environment where there is no second chance.
Metering Vista 9 displays everything you need to see in a format you can readily comprehend. There's a large scale bargraph meter for
every channel from mono to 7.1 which can display the history of audio through the channel up to 50 secs, plus a built-in RTW TM7 for Loudness metering.
Automation Studer's AutoTouch Plus Dynamic Automation System allows the most complex automation tasks to be carried out within a clear and logical workflow while EMBER support provides seamless integration with broadcast and newsroom automation systems.
VistaMix Essential for live, multi-mic, unscripted events such as talk shows and game shows, VistaMix automatically mimics the actions of a highly skilled human operator, increasing gain for 'talking' mics and reducing gain for all others at lightning speed to create a clean live mix.
Surround sound Vista 9 makes it easy to acquire and manage multichannel audio sources while Virtual Surround Panning (VSP II) empowers the operator to take mono sources and create a realistic sound field (stereo up to 7.1) modelled around a few simple parameters.
Maximum DSP power Powerful and reliable with full redundancy, the SCore Live DSP core uses parallel processing architecture with integrated floating point circuitry and an internal word length of 40 bits. The system can be used in 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz mode with internal or external clock sources.
DAW Integration Vista 9 interfaces with all major DAW systems. Many DAW functions can be directly controlled on the console, where innovative operating concepts such as StripSetup and Ganging bring DAW integration to a new level and greatly enhance the production workflow.
Built for live production Vista 9 exists for pain free live production, with dedicated controls for extensive snapshot filtering, buttons for talkback and user-programmable functions, configurable matrix busses, dedicated mute groups and stress free outside source management.
Compact Remote Control A Vista Compact Remote Bay gives users a client or secondary desk to work in parallel with their Vista console. Typical applications are theatre or live sound installations where it might be desirable to control the sound balance from the auditorium.
Flexible I/O options Vista 9 uses the Studer D21m I/O system which provides a flexible and expandable high density 24-bit 96kHz capable audio interface. Local and remote I/O frames can be fitted with a wide variety of I/O cards to configure optimised systems for studio-based productions and outside broadcasts.
Uniquely versatile Compact and flexible, Vista 9 is packed with features to enhance workflow processes in a wide variety of applications including live broadcast production, outside broadcast trucks and theatre sound.


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