Explanations delivered by Emmanuel Marquand – Sound Chief Operator, AMP.

January 19, 2009

Why did you decide to choose the STUDER Vista 8 console and what were your expectations?

We sought a digital console that is user-friendly, versatile and cost effective. We wanted a technical configuration with the possibility of offsetting the pre-amplifier with the nearest source to the sound and to have an audio digital grid that is powerful and able to dialogue with our video grid. We also wished to be able to connect in Madi multitrack recorders and to have the flexibility to manufacture different console configurations according to DSP resources. The Vista 8 was hands down the perfect answer for all of our needs.


Why choose STUDER?

We have previous experience with STUDER with our D950 M2 digital console installed in our bus HD N°8. The configuration of the grid and the Vista 8 audio console uses the same software as on D950 M2, which allowed our owners to quickly adapt to the interface. Digital STUDER consoles satisfy us in terms of audio quality and user-friendliness. Moreover, STUDER is very well established in France, which enables us to easily find owners who know these consoles. In our Group AMP/Visual TV/Studio 107/Studio Bank Left, we already use 6 STUDER digital consoles.


The D950 M2 and especially the Vista 8 are very user-friendly digital consoles. The audio quality of the pre-amplifiers micro is very satisfactory and the adjustments of the various audio parameters are precise and very effective. The Vista 8 is a very practical and very powerful console and it excels in the broadcast field. The approaches to mix programs in 5.1 are very practical.


Some words on the installation.

The last STUDER console to be installed in our Bus HD N° 11 was a Vista 8. We have 84 microphone pre-amplifiers including 64 which can be linked via fiber from the film set. We can accommodate 2 recording multitrack 64 tracks connected in Madi or AES to our console. The capacity of the audio grid is: 184 x184 AES, 48 line In, 104 line out, 1 Ethersound connection 64 in/out, 2 Madi connection 64 in/out and 2 charts decoder Dolby E. In conclusion, the Vista 8 achieves our expectations and delivers the quality and the desired versatility. The very satisfactory processing capability and the user-friendliness make this console a tool appreciated by all the owners. Of the various digital consoles that I have used, the Vista 8 remains the most user-friendly; completely made for the transition into live and broadcast.

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