Holland: L1 Radio And TV Orders 2 Studer Vista 8 Digital Production Consoles

September 16, 2004

In the Limburg region of the Netherlands, the broadcaster L1 Radio and TV has placed an order for two Studer Vista 8 digital production consoles with HEYNEN bv. One console is to be installed into a new 5.1 audio post-production suite which is being designed by London company Munro Associates in L1's new building in Maastricht. The other has been chosen for L1's outside broadcast unit, and specified to an identical standard.

L1's new post-production studio will provide a variety of services: audio post-production for video, RTV design and production of commercials, CD / DVD production (5.1), and the mixing of multitrack recordings. The studio will also be used as a control room for RTV live broadcasts or recordings of events in the media cafe at L1. The Vista will be playing a multifunctional role in this environment; as a live broadcast mixing console, and, with the help of the Vista 8's dynamic automation, as a post-production system in combination with Pro-Tools HD. 

Lucas Vroemen, Technical Manager from L1, explains why they opted for the Vista 8. "The unique Vistonics control interface, and the fact that a lot of technical engineers are able to handle it, was what made us, like so many others, decide in favour of the Studer Vista." 

L1 already has many years of experience with Studer mixing consoles in its radio studios and Vroemen doesn't need to be convinced of the reliability and high quality standards of the Studer brand. "The Studer console in RK1 has been working for over 14 years without any problems." 

In L1's new production facilities, practically all audio equipment will be digital. "Even the Dynaudio surround monitor systems will be controlled through AES/EBU. The Vista makes this possible, via the monitor section with built-in 5.1 connection," according to Vroemen, who is excited about the possibilities for using the console in both broadcast and post-production applications.

L1 expects to have the new building operational in the first quarter of 2005. At the same time, another Studer Vista 8 will be installed in the outside broadcast unit,, built to the same specification as the studio desk. Lucas Vroemen explains, "because of the simple design and the ability to scroll through the channels, we can handle an active stage system of up to 48 microphone channels, in combination with our 16 channel Aphex 1788." Another great advantage is the high quality of the dynamics section in the Vista. "That saves a lot of external peripheral equipment, which is a plus in a confined space," says Vroemen.

The Vista 8 combines its powerful broadcast qualities with the dynamic automation developed for the Vista 7. The new control section design offers more faders within the same width. The consoles ordered by L1 will be equipped with 32 microphone inputs with a control area consisting of 30 + 10 + 2 faders.

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