Irish O.B. specialists eye up UK market

July 18, 2005

Ireland’s leading operator of outside broadcast mobile services, Observe, is gearing up for expansion into the UK market, commissioning a new HDTV OB unit complete with a 52-fader Studer Vista 8 digital live audio production console.


Observe’s new flagship vehicle is to be the HD1, a triple-expander 53-foot artic with full studio facilities for live broadcasting, including 24 HD cameras and digital audio mixing capability.


Observe was founded nearly three years ago, when Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE took the decision to outsource its OB requirements.  HD1 will be Observe's fourth vehicle, and its high specification reflects the company's ambitious plans to attract new business, not only in sports, which currently provides nearly 95% of its workload, but also in music and in new geographical territories.


Colm Flynn, Observe’s Head of Sound, fulfilled a long-held desire to invest in and install a top-flight Studer audio console.  “Desks like the D950 Mk2 have been in my sights before, but have been outside the budget.  This time, after looking at all the leading marques, we decided to go for the Vista 8.  We preferred the look of the console and the way it worked, in fact the ergonomics was a key factor as it made the Vista 8 the easiest surface to learn for all the freelance engineers that will use the vehicle.”


The Studer Vista 8 is expected to be installed in its new HD1 home by the end of August, and HD1 will be driving to its first assignments in October.

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