Studer Adds 3Gbit Capability To SDI Interface

June 10, 2010

POTTERS BAR, United Kingdom – SDI audio embedding and de-embedding has been an integral part of Studer consoles for several years, and Studer has now added the high-bandwidth version of SDI, 3G-SDI, to its optional D21m I/O module with the release of the 3G SDI card. The new option can handle up to 16 audio channels in an SDI stream, acting as an eight- or 16-channel embedder, an eight- or 16-channel de-embedder, or any combination thereof.


The new card will interface with all SDI standards from SD, HD to 3G, with on-board sample-rate converters providing a method for the audio streams to be processed independently of the SDI video sync. The card directly injects the de-embedded audio into the console bus structure, removing the D/A converter- or AES3 Interface stage which would be required with standalone SDI equipment.


SDI-through and HF relay bypass SDI outputs are provided.


Having an integral card means less weight, less rack space, and less cost, since the option cards fit into the existing D21m I/O system racks.


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