STUDER Introduces new MIC preamp card for HD Audio

July 20, 2009

Regensdorf, Switzerland – Studer has introduced a new version of the mic input card for the D21m I/O system, which can be used on any Studer Vista or OnAir consoles.


Noise and bandwidth are just as important for HD audio as they are for HD video, and the new card is designed to be a perfect partner for HD Audio broadcast.


The new card features a transformer-balanced input, along with an ultra-wide bandwidth and very low noise floor, with all the classic Studer sound that you would expect from such a device.


Integral split outputs allows the card to accept four mic inputs, and parallel feed two console systems at analogue line levels, meaning a single stagebox can directly feed two consoles, even if one is a traditional analogue desk rather than a Studer digital console.

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