Studer OnAir Consoles Gain More Summing Busses, New Metering and VCA Mode

June 10, 2010

POTTERS BAR, United Kingdom – With the release of V3.2 software, Studer’s OnAir 2500 and 3000 consoles gain a host of new functionality. As well as remote GPIO over the network, and backup/restore of configurations, the new software provides two new metering options, with simple source selection through the touch screen. The digital meter option has configurable headroom indication.


For OnAir 3000 consoles using the SCore Live DSP platform, the new release provides up to 48 N-X summing busses, meaning that the talkback matrix increases to 48 external sources.


Remote GPIO simplifies the setup of networked consoles and makes dedicated GPIO wiring between consoles redundant. Instead, logic events of a console in a network are automatically available to any other console in the same network. It is also possible to combine events using Boolean logic functions. For example, talkback functionality between two consoles can be easily implemented using this feature.


For consoles with subgroups, a new mode selection allows any of the available 8 subgroups to be operated as a VCA as well. These VCA’s purely provide control functionality and do not affect the individual audio bus routing of a channel.


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