Studer Vista 8 For Primevision's Hi-Def OB Unit

July 08, 2004

Primevision, one of Europe's leading providers of Outside Broadcast trucks and services, has installed Studer's Vista 8 digital live production console for its high-spec vehicle, probably the largest of its kind in Europe. is a state-of-the-art HDTV OB unit based in Europe - 64 square meters equipped with a total of 30 HD cameras, 154 HD monitors, SONY's MVS 8000 video mixer (80 inputs) and the Studer Vista 8 audio mixer. In its first few months on the road, the vehicle's schedule demonstrates its flexibility. From the Danish Speedway Grand Prix, broadcast to 165 countries, goes to the Werchter rock festival in Belgium for HD broadcast of Metallica and David Bowie amongst others. Then to Paris for a live opera broadcast, before travelling to Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games. Post-Olympics, the truck will be on display at the IBC Exhibition.

The multipurpose Studer Vista 8 system was specified for on the grounds of flexibility, functionality and quality. Primevision's Commercial Director Flemming Rosencrantz explains that "because the truck will be used by many different sound engineers all over Europe, it was imperative that the desk was flexible enough to be used by someone who hadn't seen it before. The Vistonics operating interface is so user-friendly and familiar that our chief engineer can bring a new operator up to speed in a very short time.

"We did not have to be convinced of the quality of the desk: Studer has always had a name for quality. There are several good systems around but the Vista 8 is the best match for the flexibility of the truck. has a B and a C unit, so with the functionality of the Vista 8's Stagebox and its Remote Bay, we are well equipped for remote productions. The stagebox concept also enables us to run just one fibre from the truck into the stadium, where previously we might have had to run up to 50 cables."'s Vista 8 has been configured with more than 250 inputs and 150 outputs, 30 channel strips (3 bays) added up with a Remote Bay also with Vistonics and another10 motorized faders communicating via optical fibre. The new Control bay has Vistonics and 12 motorized faders controlling up to 52 outputs/inputs or any combination, making the console extremely powerful and flexible in the smallest possible footprint. Vista 8 is also working as the main audio router for the van controlled from the master control system.

Based in Denmark, Primevision owns eight OB trucks and is in the business of providing professional services to the broadcast industry such as the production of sports, music and live events broadcasts. Primevision handles more than 1000 OB productions annually including the forthcoming Olympic Games Athens 2004. The company also produces some 300 soccer matches every year in Denmark and Sweden.

Jarle Felin, Studer Sales Director, adds, “we are extremely happy and proud that Primevision chose us and our distributor Kinovox Aps as partners for this huge and groundbreaking project in Scandinavia.”

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