Studer Vista Consoles Integrated Into Sony HD OB Trucks

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April 16, 2009

REGENSDORF, Switzerland – Over the last 12 months Sony has produced a large number of the latest ‘state of the art’, High Definition, digital OB trucks at it's manufacturing facility in Basingstoke, England.


These trucks are now going into service around the world with prestige broadcasters such as RTR in Moscow, ATM in Poland, and RTS and TVB92 in the Balkans. In Algeria, EPTV also took delivery of 5 Sony-produced trucks.

Sony produces multi-camera OB vans with double or triple expanding sides to enable large scale production operations with 20 or more cameras, 8 or more VT and hard disk Video recorders coupled together with a Studer Vista digital surround audio console.


Studer and Sony have worked together to provide a fully integrated digital audio path within the OB truck all the way from the microphone on the stage to the final HD recording or embedded satellite link to ensure surround audio of the highest quality, especially true now with the possibility of digital surround sound all the way to the viewer's home.


Furthermore, through the use of the integrated audio router built into each Vista console significant savings in both physical hardware (always an issue in OB trucks) and cost can be achieved. This router provides the required multi-channel audio layers married to the main video router without the need for large quantities of "glue boxes" required with traditional standard audio routers.


Each Vista audio desk is tailored to meet the exact requirements of each project be it a 32 fader Vista 5 surface through to a 52 fader Vista 8. In each case, the user-configurability of the Vista DSP engine and the ability to change the layout of the control surface faders provides a unique flexibility to work on a wide variety of productions from music to sport.

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