TRT Turkey picks Studer On-Air desks for first time

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May 01, 2007

In Turkey, the radio division of the national broadcasting operation TRT has placed an order for eight Studer OnAir 3000 digital broadcast consoles, which are intended for installation in three different locations.


Officially purchased by TRT GENEL MUDURLUGU STUDYOLAR DAIRESI BASKANLIGI, the Directorate of the Studios' Planning Department, four consoles will be installed in Ankara, at the headquarters of TRT.  The other four desks will be divided between the radio studios of TRT Istanbul and TRT Izmir. 

Although TRT recently purchased two Vista 8 consoles for its outside broadcast fleet, this is the first time the broadcaster has chosen Studer's digital consoles for an on-air application.  Distributor SF Dis Ticaret AS attributes the decision to TRT's long-term relationship with Studer, "which is based on mutual trust, as well as the products' exceptional quality, and the after-sales package which is strengthened by the full support we provide here in Turkey," says Samim Mutluer, Managing Director.


With full tests and commissioning taking place during the summer, the installations will be complete by the beginning of September.

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