Vista 5 SR ready for the road

October 02, 2007

One of the world’s most successful digital audio specialists is to launch a new console onto the international touring scene. At the AES, Studer unveils the new Vista 5 SR, a road-ready version of its established Vista 5 model, with a specification appropriate for top-end touring customers. The Vista 5 SR is a compact, portable and easy-to-setup console which boasts all the trademarks of Studer design: exceptional sound quality, reliability and the proven Vistonics ™ user interface.

Studer’s third-generation digital console, the Vista 5, is already in use in prestigious theatres, studios and performing arts centres around the world. Vista 5 SR has evolved out of the suggestions of leading international touring sound companies and engineers, who saw the Vista 5 and realised its potential to become a dedicated live sound desk.

Peter Weber, Studer’s Product Manager for the Vista Series, explains: “We showed the Vista 5 to influential people in north America including Howard Page at Clair Brothers, Bob Goldstein at Maryland Sound International (MSI), and the Celine Dion team (Denis Savage, Frankie Desjardins and Charles Ethier), and everybody was so impressed they suggested we make a road version. So we’ve re-engineered the mechanics of the console for touring use, including new frames and racks, and incorporated many other suggestions of these and other international tour sound specialists.”

In advance of the console’s official launch, Studer is already shipping its first orders; two consoles for Solotech, which will be used on Celine Dion’s World Tour next year, and two consoles for MSI, with whom Studer will be promoting the new desk at the AES in New York. Interest is already growing from other high-profile companies and engineers.

The Vistonics user interface is largely responsible for the reaction of these users. Vistonics is the Studer-patented technology already familiar to broadcasters, a version of which has already proved popular on Soundcraft’s Vi Series™ of Digital Live Sound consoles. Vistonics uses an array of encoders mounted directly into TFT screens to give immediate viewing and access of channel and output parameters. Freelance engineers will be able to use the console within minutes, while experienced users will become more creative, thanks to the speed of operation.

The Vista 5 SR comes with preset configurations for Front-of-House and Monitor use. A standalone Config Editor tool allows the channel/bus structure to be customised, all of which can be saved for each particular show setup and instantly recalled from memory or a USB stick at a later date.

Another key feature of the Vista5 SR is its expandable I/O system, allowing the whole range of available Studer D21m Series I/O cards (including Cobranet and Aviom A-Net) to be added to the system. The MADI standard is used as optical snake link from stagebox to FOH rack – with the option to add a redundant snake for increased security.

Studer’s renowned sonic performance comes from the design of high quality mic preamps, ultra-precise AD/DA converters and 40-bit summing busses. FIR type EQs also contribute to the amazing performance of the Vista 5 SR.

The Vista 5 SR comes with numerous facilities to aid production, including Studer’s proprietary VSP panning system, which can be used to great effect to control panning without level shifts.

And the new SR model has been given a number of ergonomic modifications to ‘supercharge’ it for life on the road. The top of the console has a new aluminium profile which is fitted with integrated illumination. The angle of the Vistonics screen has been improved for daylight use; there is also provision for an additional screen, for a ProTools display for example. Ventilation in the console has been increased to work in the touring environment, as has ventilation for the equipment rack, which has been made more robust. With more road-proof armrests and side cheeks on the desk, and optional tailor-made flightcases, the Vista 5 SR is ready to roll.

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