D21m I/O System

The Studer D21m high-density audio interface system has been designed to provide the highest quality analogue, digital and signalling interconnections between external equipment and all current and future Studer DSP cores, including those serving the Vista range of consoles.

The system is based on a 19" 3U rack which can house up to 12 audio interface cards and one or two HD (high-density) cards. Each HD card carries up to 192 channels in Vista systems- and up to 384 channels in Router systems at sampling rates of up to 96kHz, and is connected to the DSP core by standard CAT-5 twisted twin cables. The system automatically detects newly inserted audio cards and assigns the required number of audio channels to them when the system is reconfigured, either by pressing the front panel "reconfig" button or remotely. All functions and configurations of the D21m are controllable remotely from the associated console or a workstation.

An LED display on the front panel indicates failed or missing cards, and error messages are sent to the console over the control interface. The D21m rack provides space for two power supply units in redundant operation for critical applications.

The Studer D21m Series includes:

  • 4-ch microphone input card
  • Analogue insert card (for use with 4-ch microphone input card)
  • 8-ch line input card 
  • 8-ch line output card 
  • 16-ch in/16-ch out AES/EBU card 
  • 16-ch in/16-ch out AES/EBU card with input SRCs 
  • 16-ch in/16-ch out AES/EBU card with input and output SRCs 
  • MADI I/O card (max. 64 inputs/outputs)
  • Dual ADAT input and output card (16-ch in/16-ch out) 
  • Dual TDIF input and output card (16-ch in/16-ch out) 
  • SDI input card (de-embedder for 8 or 16 input channels)
  • SDI input/output card (de-embedder/embedder for 8 inputs and outputs)
  • Dolby® E/Digital decoder cards (8 or 16 input channels)
  • CobraNet® I/O card (32 input and output channels)
  • Aviom A-Net® output card (16 output channels)
  • Ethersound® I/O card (up to 64 input and output channels, selectable in groups of 8, plus 8 GPIO control signals)
  • GPIO cards with open-collector or relay outputs (16 inputs,16 outputs)

Additional cards will be introduced in the future.

For product availability and pricing please contact your local dealer.

Recommended for: Performing Arts, Theatres, Houses of Worship, Installed Sound.


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