Vista 5 SR (discontinued)

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Continuing the successes of the Vista 5, 6 , 7 and 8 in the broadcast and fixed install markets, Studer now brings this fail-safe and intuitive technology to the tour sound market.

While retaining the renowned qualites of the Vista 5, the Vista 5 SR is the result of careful re-engineering to provide a road-ready, robust package.

Most obviously a steeper angle of the Vistonics™ screens has been introduced. This provides a more direct viewing angle when operating in a standing position particularly in daylight. In addition to this, we have introduced a new temperature control system – an industry first when applied to the redundant layout of control system cooling – making the Vista 5 SR completely reliable in the very broad temperature ranges of its sound reincorcement applications.

Furthermore, console illumination being integrated into the desk and ultra bright LED buttons means the console can be operated equally well in dark as well as bright environments. Proven flash memory is used instead of hard disk drives and redundant powersupplies as well as optional redundant audio and control links make the Vista 5 SR a heavy-duty system engineered for the road.

For product availability and pricing please contact your local dealer.

Recommended for: Broadcast, Performing Arts, TV, OB Van, Theatres, Houses of Worship, Installed Sound.


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D21m - Intercom Card Flyer   en  608 KB Apr 13, 2015
D23m - Dual MADI Card Flyer   en  462 KB Apr 13, 2015
SCore Live DSP A-Link Card Flyer   en  1.45 MB Apr 13, 2015
Vista - Software V5.0 Flyer   en  432 KB Apr 13, 2015
Vista - Remote Acess Signal Flow Flyer   en  603 KB Apr 13, 2015
SCore Live Flyer   en  232 KB Apr 13, 2015
Vista in Theatres Flyer   en  1.5 MB Jul 10, 2020
Vista - 5.1 Channels Flyer   en  200 KB Apr 13, 2015
Vista - Theatre Workflow and Performance Software V4.2 Flyer   en  513 KB Apr 13, 2015
Vista - Virtual Surround Panning Flyer   en  74.5 KB Apr 13, 2015
Vista 5 SR - Brochure   en  4.39 MB Apr 13, 2015
Ember - Support Flyer   en  1000 KB Apr 13, 2015
Vista - Loudness Metering Flyer   en  2.6 MB Apr 13, 2015

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